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Apr 2, 2007 03:59 AM

Sydney CBD Lunchtime Chowhounding

So, after one day in my job, I need some lunchtime hints, because I will have to leave the country if I have another meal as insipid as the one I had in Australia Square today.

I noticed a food hall on Hunter, at Wynyard Station I believe, with lots of Asian food places upstairs. There was pho, sushi and salads (and a branch of Michel's patisserie) Can anyone recommend anywhere in here?

Am also keen to hear about good places for sushi rolls, salads, soup and sandwiches. I tend to just run out for lunch and eat at my desk so takeaway options are preferred to eat in, although they're welcome too.

Any ideas?

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  1. Lots of good little places under the MLC centre.

    1. Why not check out Red Mango Patisserie that just opened on the corner of Hunter & Castlereagh not far from Wynyard Station. Don’t be fooled by the name. It is a very attractive place with an amazing range of goodies too numerous to name. They do everything but sushi. Fresh salads, yoghurts, homemade soups & sandwiches. They only have a few tables so most of their business is take away.

      1. For super sized sandwiches (that are quite tasty - although if you want less bread, get the wraps) - there is a little shop/alleyway downstairs on Bridge St (there is a flight centre there, just a bit up from the ASX towards George St.

        Sushi - I like the place in Wynyard station called Megumi (could just be the amount of japanese mayo they put in... mmm) - otherwise the Sushi place on George St near Darrell Lea is great.