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Apr 2, 2007 03:34 AM

Best Air-Popper to Buy?

I am addicted to air-popped popcorn. Don't ask! I had a Hamilton Beach Popaire that worked fairly well but died. My son bought me a Presto Orville Redenbacher air popper that worked better than the Hamilton Beach; but after four months, it, too, died. Presto replaces them for free; but you must send it back to them via UPS; thus, the cost of the "free" replacement is almost as much as buying a new one in the store; plus you're out the use of it for approximately 6 weeks. In any event, my replacement Presto lasted only 2+ months before dying. Yes, I follow the directions precisely; but these things apparently aren't built to last. Before going through the rigamarole of sending this one back, I thought I'd ask you Hounds if you have any recommendations for a more durable air popper that generates flavorful popcorn (as flavorful as air-popped can be). Any suggestions???

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  1. I can't remember who makes it it - West Bend maybe - but there is one called a Poppery that is very durable. I used to use 'em to roast coffee beans and this brand seemed built better than the others.

    I'll not ask about your addiction but I say Go For It! There are far worse things to be eating... unless you ladle the melted butter on top : )

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    1. re: Jimmy Buffet

      Thanks, J.B. After reading your post, I got all psyched up to buy a Poppery only to find that the only place to get one now is used on EBay. It's funny, but there are many positive reviews of the Poppery on the web; yet they're apparently not made any more :-(
      (and p.s unfortunately, I eat the popcorn without the butter, it's my ever present diet food go to snack)!

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        OK, I don't want to freak you out with this suggestion but the best place to get them is in a thrift store. Don't know how you feel about used appliances, but the thrift stores always have them it seems. For about a buck.

        I wish I could - and I have been TRYING to - adopt your snacking habits.

    2. Have you tried a microwave popper, I think Presto made ours, you do have to buy replacement paper discs. Can add a little oil or not. Not sure if they are still available or not. Same good old styrofoam taste.

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        You're right about the taste! Thanks for the recommenation; but I'm leary about buying another Presto product in light of the poor performance history my two have had. Per J.Buffet's rec. I'm "watching" a few popperys on EBay now and if the price is right (cheaper than replacing mine again), I'll probably give it a try.