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Apr 2, 2007 02:54 AM

Authentic Mexican purveyor needed

We just returned from Mexico and now the pathetic Mexican ingredients and tortillas we get at the chain grocers won't cut it. Any ideas for good, authentic tortillas and other products?

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  1. There are South American grocers on Augusta in Kensington. They carry tortillas and canned goods and produce. I believe that is the closest thing you're going to find around here.

    1. I like Edgars Latin Foods on queensway (in between Royal York and Parklawn)

      1. Loblaws+No Frills(location-dependent)are carrying a widening range of Mexican canned chiles and salsas. Want fresh tortillas? Make 'em yourself! Seriously, though, there's just not a large enough market in TO for fresh tortillas al la "tortilla factory" that you'll see in, say, Phoenix, LA, or any other US cities with large Mexican populations. That may change but so far buying masa and DIY are the quickest solutions. Besides, metates and limed corn are just plain hard work!

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          OK. I am game for making them. Now I need to check out the other forums.

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            People keep saying that To can't support its own tortilleria, but somehow Montreal has an excellent one that is thriving. The Tortilleria Maya makes and sells fresh corn tortillas as well as flour ones, and all the permutations (nachos, tostadas, etc.). They also have a mini-taco stand and make their own salsas. I honestly don't believe that Toronto couldn't support such a place (they sell their products at their location on St. Laurent and also wholesale to other retailers - grocery stores and restaurants).

            If this is giving anyone any ideas, speak now.

          2. Loblaws at Bayview has a decent supply of HERDEZ brand chiles and salsas.

            I've gotten corn tortillas from a few places (even No Frills on Avenue) but also at St. Lawrence Market. There is a guy who has a stand at the salsa booth on the lower level (and has samples on Saturdays) who sells authentic salsas under the name "Mad Mexican", I'd recommend trying that.

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              Those "authentic"(sic) SLM salsas are IMHO no better than the canned San Marcos or Herdez varieties available at Loblaws. With respect, credible DIY salsas are easy now that ingredients are easier to find across the GTA.

              1. re: katexas

                Hi Kegemusha:

                I am a native from Mexico city and I find the Salsas from Mad Mexican one of the best salsas I've ever tried, the guy even wakes up at 4 am (or something like that) to make his guacamole fresh every morning! I dunno what kind of Mexican fare have you tried before, but for example, I would never eat an Herdez or San Marcos Salsas. (you can just taste the preservatives in there, yuc...)
                Anyway, go and to talk to the guy, he seems to know what his doing.

                1. re: pedigri

                  So do I and I don't need to endure SLM for salsa and guacamole, thanks.I've eaten and made this stuff for years. My dear old Chicano tias in Phoenix showed me the ropes on salsa, so I'm not lacking for reference points. This guy's wares are acceptable but not worth a letter home about. Glad you like it.

              2. I always enjoy a trip to Perola Supermarket on Augusta in Kensington Market. They have all kinds of peppers and beans and tortillas out front - fresh cactus too - and inside one can find hotsauces and all manner of canned goods. The store is small - and packed!