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Apr 2, 2007 01:32 AM

ritz carlton in laguna

has anybody been there recently, how much they charge for there sunday brunch now? the last time I was there 3 years ago was $75, wonder how much is it now? I heard they redo the dining room , anybody try yet?

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  1. I haven't eaten there, but the hotel link below says it's $75 per person. There's more info on the Sunday Champagne Brunch below. From the photos and desciption, it seems like the view would be nice.

    1. I was there about 6 years ago. I had appetizers, dinner and breakfast. It was all really bad. Especially breakfast. The corned beef hash was actually inedible.

      1. Their new wine bar, Eno, is really nice, though! Maybe wait a few hours for some wine and cheese???

        1. I had Sunday brunch there about a year ago. Although very expensive, it was fantastic. They had wonderful fresh seafood. I highly recommend it.

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            We were there approx 8 mos. ago. As I recall the food was good as was the brunch.
            Don't remember the price - except that it was expensive. However, so sumptuous & filling, it is literally the brunch is the only thing you can eat the rest of the day.