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Apr 1, 2007 10:07 PM

Best food at SFO Int'l terminal?

Does anyone have suggestions for the best food at the SFO Int'l terminal? I'm meeting my fiance there tomorrow evening before he heads off for 2 weeks. Other than Burger Joint, please.

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  1. I've only tried Rulli, Ebisu and Harbor Village Kitchen. The duck noodles I had at HVK in 2005 were great, hope that's still true today.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      I meant to post that I was very disappointed in the noodles I had at Harbor Village Kitchen at the International terminal in December. We were on our way to North Africa, and remember your previous post, I figured I should get a Chinese food fix before leaving town...hubby was not impressed with his dim sum sampler either...Unfortunately, it has been long enough that I can't remember the details of our meal, just that I was pretty sure either we hit a hard day or its gone downhill since that original thread and pic of yours...

      1. re: susancinsf

        ive had duck soup noodle also, last year, while it wasnt stellar in respect to chinatown theyre still pretty decent, most ppl (my parents) are a bit annoyed at the price, like $8 or more

        my brothers enjoy the burger joint, it's really expensive also

        1. re: kewlio

          Sorry to hear that the duck noodles are not what they once were. Where do you recommend in Chinatown? I've not been successful in finding this refined HK-style broth elsewhere, only cloudy, homemade style, which while it has its place is something that I can make at home easily.

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            melanie, i find hing lung to be really solid, im not sure about refined broth though..

              1. re: kewlio

                Thanks much, I've not had good luck straying very far from jook at Hing Lung.

      2. Only tried Ruili. Can't really bring myself to pay $10 for an order of soupl noodles. How long will you have at the terminal? With BART you can do a quick trip to Millbrae for much better food.

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        1. re: PeterL

          I agree. The good Chinese places are unbelievably close (1 BART stop away). Here's a map of the area - I drew a red dot near the Millbrae station.

          I had lunch at Zen Peninsula yesterday, which is a little further up El Camino Real (82), but there are quite a few other options right around Millbrae Avenue and El Camino Real.

          1. re: PeterL

            I'd love to hear recommendations for duck noodles as good as Harbor Village used to serve. The quality of roast duck, fine wirey noodles cooked perfectly, and the refined stock.

            RT from SFO to Millbrae is $3 per person.

            1. re: PeterL

              It's $8, not $10, and it's at the AIRPORT fercrissake. How much is a Rulli panini?

              1. re: Gary Soup

                I actually thought the soup I had at the Mexican place (Andale) in the Intl terminal a while back is the tastiest thing I've eaten at that terminal, better than the noodles at Harbor Village, and no more expensive. Also, the service at Harbor Village when I got the noodles was *terrible*. A big part of that was a technical problem with their computer system, which could happen anywhere, but though they apparently knew that orders would take 20 or more minutes to come out, they weren't warning anyone, which I think shows a lack of concern for customers, particularly in an airport atmosphere.

                Last bread item I got at Rulli at the terminal tasted stale.

                1. re: Gary Soup

                  OK it's $8. Still can't bring myself to pay $8 for a bowl of noodle. Yes it's at the airport, therefore I try to avoid airport food unless absolutely necessary, including Rulli.

                1. re: Robert Lauriston

                  I realize the original question was asked 6 months ago, but now that it's bubbled up again...

                  I like Andale too. In the real world it's just above-average, but in the airport, it's a godsend. Last time I was there, the chef offered me an extra flauta after I was done eating (possibly because it was late and I was the only customer). Firewood Cafe and Rulli are also my favorites.

                  Unfortunately, this is all either in the Int'l terminal or landside in T1. There is nothing worth eating airside in T1 or T3 (although T3 has a semi-new food court, so maybe things have changed)

                  Even so, SFO is one of the better airports for food, I think.

                  1. re: Agent 510

                    My standard breakfast or lunch to go in Terminal Three is clam chowder and a French roll from Yankee Pier. It's nothing special, but it's not at all bad. A decent dose of clams and not outrageously over-thickened. I know folks don't tend to think of soup for breakfast, but I find it's a soothing start to the day.

                    1. re: lexdevil

                      i agree with Yankee pier. Its not really anything to write home about.. but it is a good meal for an airport. I do like the chowda.. and I actually like the ipsweich fried clams as well.. tender and tasty. (at least when I had them about a year ago)