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Apr 1, 2007 09:02 PM

Best Churrascaria in NYC

I am planning a graduation party and want to try the best Churrascaria in New York. I have wanted to try a Brazilian rodizio style steakhouse for some time. Me and my father are steak lovers, while my mother and sister really don't like steak. Every time I want to go to a great steakhouse for a big occasion there is a problem because they can never find anything on the menu. However, I read Churrascaria Plataforma has a great salad bar which includes sushi (which my sister loves). And they also offer other cuts of meat besides steak like chicken and turkey( which they both like). So I figured a Churrascaria would be a great place because it would suit everyones needs.
Since there is no Fogo de Chao in NY, I was looking for some alternatives. I have heard great things about Churrascia Plataforma. I checked out the homepage and looked up some pictures of the food and it looks like a real nice place. Is this the best New York has to offer or are there any better ones?

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  1. churrascia plataforma is the best one. we like the one in the theater district. we've been many time - the salad bar is awesome & the quality of the meats are very good.

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      Yeah, you may hear cries that it's not the most authentic (something about the configuration of the spits), but Plataforma is delicious and if you don't like one meat, there are 19 others on their way. The salad bar is monumental.

      I think the reason that many people have in mind for recommending the others is price--Plat is like $20 more a person just for the food and the wine markups are huge. But if you're going all-out for a celebratory dinner, just do it.

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        I third Plataforma, it's definitly very very good

    2. I used to work across the street from the one on 49th Street, and we all loved this place. Granted I haven't been in 7 the years since I switched jobs. I hear lots of back and forth about the quality/authenticity/pricing here, but I think for a big celebration for steak lovers Churrascaria Plataforma is just the right kind of place...and non-steak lovers will not feel shafted by the choices offered them.

      1. Plataforma's 2 locations (mid-town and Soho:W.Bdway) are both the best. I hear that Porcao on Park Ave S. (a newcomer w/branches in Brazil) is a little more expensive and not quite as good. These all run $50-60pp not including drinks, desserts, tax/tip. With moderate drinking, it's $100pp.

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          Yeah I was looking at Porcao. It looks a little more upscale, but I am most interested in who has the best food, best environment, most choices.

        2. Here's recent post:

          I just ate at Churrascaria Plataforma on Sat night. It was good. One person in the group thought the meat was salty. Generally, we had a very good and fun time. The drinks were nice and strong. They tend not to explain all of the various packages/pricing options so check the website before you go and review the menu options.

          BTW, Will and Jada Smith were at the very next table having dinner as well.

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            How much was it? And what are some of the different cuts that they offer? Is it really 19 different kinds or what? And what were the best side dishes? Thats cool about Will Smittyy.

            1. re: steakrules85

     will answer most of your questions regarding menu items and cost.....

            2. re: Ora

              Brazilian food is salty, and the meat in Churrascarias will be salty, you can ask the waiter to not give you give the outer slices, the inside slices will be less salty since they brush the piece of meat with spices/salt.

              1. re: Toot

                Agreed. It's the Brazilian way. My Latin father-in-law constantly reminds me how Brazilians only use rock salt and Americans use "too much sauce" :) I like it both ways, personally.

            3. Was at Plataforma last week. I enjoy it, the food is very good (and consistent), the salad bar is impressive (as advertised), and, as an event, its hard to beat. They handle large groups well. But expect a true feeding frenzy - which is part of the fun - but don't expect cozy or intimate conversations. It is festive and very active and you have to be a bit disciplined, I think, otherwise you (and your bathroom scale) will hate yourself for at least 4 days. There were 9 of us, a fairly normal drink order - nothing extravagant - and the total bill, with gratuity, came to $919.

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                Bolo, I agree with your description 100%. Also, we were a group of 4, bill was $310 including tax, tip, a few drinks and a couple of desserts.

                1. re: Ora

                  If you want to pay a bit less, go for lunch. Though I imagine that's valid for any restaurant, Brazilians typically eat their big meals at lunch with a smaller dinner. Give yourself some more time to digest that food :)

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                  I went with a group about that size and had a similar experience. It was a very lively and fun meal. Pricey, but well worth the money.

                  The only thing about the place that disappointed me was that I was hoping for some more exotic meat selections. Ostrich, perhaps? Or Kangaroo?