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Apr 1, 2007 08:56 PM

Joe's Stone Crabs in July

Will be in Miami in July. Is it worth it eating at Joe's even though the stone crabs couldn't be more out of season? Thanks to you Chowhounders, I've got a nice list of places to go, but the question now is, should Joe's be included or not? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Is Joe's even open in July? I thought not.

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    1. re: zook

      I believe they remain open and have a summer menu sans stone crabs, but have never actually been to confirm. Their other food is still very good and you still get to experience the old-school vibe of the place, but for most it is ultimately about the stone crabs.

    2. I thought Joe's closes for the season sometimes in May (+/- 15th) and re-open in October. You might want to check with the restaurant.

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      1. re: Rimtalay

        Last year I believe they styed open past May 15. What's lame is they keep the restaurant open but not the take-out section which would probably still do a good business in the summer months.

      2. Stone crab season is Oct 15 to May 15. Joe's is open in July so you would be getting frozen stone crabs which you can get anywhere. Think Joe's is highly overated, usually wait for table way too long. There isn't a secret to cooking stone crabs they are all boiled the same way so they aren't really any better at Joe's. Some of Joe's sides are excellent, but head over to Coconut Grove, Monty Trainers and order them as an appetizer and sit by the water with a cold one. Monty's conch chowder is great too.

        1. If they have the king crab claws, go for it, and get them hot with butter. King crab claws are better than stone crabs and there are very few places where you can get them.

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          1. re: tpigeon

            Frozen crab claws from 4,000 miles away versus claws from our own backyard are better? No way. Plus if you want king crab claws you can go to Costco.

            1. re: lax2mia

              Sorry, call'em like I taste'em. I happen to like the king crab claws better. I love the stone crabs though. I heard there is a specific genetic trait to tasting stone crab btw, and if you do not have it, stone crabs actually are tasteless to you.

              I have personally experienced people at joes who told me the crabs did not have any taste to them and I thought they were crazy until I head this. Anyone else know if this is true?

              1. re: tpigeon

                I've heard of an aversion to cilantro where a certain gene makes the herb taste like copper, but never stone crab. I wish I had that tasteless gene though- it would save me a lot on stone crab cravings.

                1. re: lax2mia

                  Hahaha...that's a good one LAX! Good thing season only lasts half the year! I'm with you on the Takeaway too, they keep the restaurant open thru ~ ??? without Stonecrabs, but close Takeaway? It's BS!

                  Check the web site MG for exact dates, the restaurant is good regardless of their overpriced crustaceons and if you're here in July and it's open you should go just to say been there done that. You will not have bragging rights to the delicacy they made famous because they do not serve them out of season.

                  Pros: Less waiting ~ less money Cons: No Stone Crabs ~ no celebs

          2. joes stone crab restaurant will close for the stonecrab season mother's day may 13th being their last dinner,then it will open for the ten week summer session a couple days later fri night may 18th.They will not be open for lunch during the summer session,nor mon or tues nights.They will open 1 hour later than normal season hours for dinner.Takeaway will be open for the first time this summer during the abbreviated summer session that ends the last day of july,approximately noon till 8 pm every day but wed.Hope this clears up any confusion.

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            1. re: travlnmike

              Amazingly complicated...But thanks for the research. Thanks for the replies everyone!