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Good location for Sausage downtown

Hi Guys,

I'm looking for a good place to get an assortment of sausage. There used to be a place on Bloor east of Bathurst that had some amazing varieties with great quality. They had a morrocan lamb that couldn't be beat, but I haven't been able to find anything to match that level since they closed.


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  1. Just the good old SLM, north, outlet called "El Gaucho"

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      Also "The Sausage king" in SLM south.

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        This is where I purchased some "Macedonian" type sausage only 2 weeks back.
        It was very good.
        I have to say that I have had good experiences from this place recently. About 2 years ago, I purchased some sausage from the same place and was not impressed.
        Lately though, they are worth the trip to the SLM.
        While I was at the SLM , what I was really looking for was some US Prime steaks, I saw them there a few weeks ago, but did not see them this past week.
        I do not recall the name of the establishment however...
        When you enter the South building and walk south, and cross the the first aisle, there are 2 LARGE butchers across from each other.
        The one on the West side had the US prime steaks about 4 weeks ago.
        Not recently however.
        I hope to find some again soon.


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          Kirk, I think that's Witteveen's (sorry about the spelling...)

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            Here is an article from of interest the Toronto Star on 50's/70's Bloor St. west of Spadina.


            I agree with all comments about Country Style, Paprika, and The Schnitzel House - both good and bad. I would add that Paprika is as close as anyone can get to everyday Hungarian home cooking - again, both good and bad.

      2. Segovia Meat on Augusta in Kensington has very interesting sausages. They are lean and dry out easily if treated roughly on the grill though. I made a white bean stew yesterday with their thyme and garlic sausage and it was fantastic. The proprietor is South American, maybe Brazilian?

        There is also a Polish or Ukrainian sausage place on Dundas near Crawford that will have a line up right out the door of people getting their sausages for Easter.

        1. Try Healthy Butcher on Queen W. They have a great selection of homeade sausages.

          1. For Italian-style pork sausages:

            When I'm in the Bloor/Christie neighbourhood I pick up some sausages from Fiesta Farms. I'm quite sure they're concocted on the premises. They have a good coarse texture, good meat-fat ratio, and they work wonderfully in making rag├╣. I take the casings off first.

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              I agree with your Fiesta Farms rec for store bought sausages. Their hot Sicilian style is a particular favourite in our pot or on the grill. Their Barese stands up well as a milder sausage to go with greens.

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                Thanks! I live a few minutes from Fiesta Farms, but never thought to try their sausage. I'll check them out. Fingers Crossed.

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                  The Fiesta Farms sausages are excellent. They were the first (and only) place I've seen that had varieties of italian sausage other than hot and mild/sweet. I haven't tried them all yet - don't live in the area - but I'm working on it.

            2. We love the sausages from Reithers -- esp the Chorizo. They're moist and very very tasty.

              1. Polish and Ukrainian people seem to line up at Max's on Bloor St. W nr. Jane for their sausages.

                Cheese Boutique also has a prett decent selection

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                  I don't know about Max's (although it has always seemed kinda pretentious to me...), but I am sorry to say that I don't think the Cheese Boutique sausages are very good - not enough fat content, perhaps, but they have always cooked up fairly dry in my experience. Cumbrae's carry some of the best sausages I've had in TO, for what it's worth....

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                    Cross the street from Cumbrae's and try the sausages from Reithers -- even better. We find the Cumbrae's sausages a little low on flavour and definately too dry compared to Reither's.

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                      Hey Red, I agree with you. We just tried the Cheese Boutique's Mild Italian tonight and as you say they were dry - not enough fat. We didn't enjoy them at all..In fact we didn't finish them. I was sadly disappointed. I'll have to try Cumbrae's.

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                        Cumbrae's is dry too. Try Reithers across the street, they really are excellent and juicy.

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                          Thanks orange..I don't want to go down the "dry sausage" route again....Reithers..ok Got it!