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prosciutto around downtown

Hi all,

Where is the best place to get a real good prosciutto in and around downtown. So far Grace Meats is the best I've found but I'm not real satisfied. Just a word of warning, as another poster stated, the proscuitto at Fresh and Wild is horrible. It's sliced incredibly thick and all you can taste is the salt.


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  1. Have you tried "Cheese Dairy" on Bloor St...just east of Bathurst? They also carry a great Serrano Ham.........

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      Without question I'd suggest Schefflers at St. Lawrence Market. They have about 6 different types of prosciutto (ranging from 1 month aged to a lovely 24 month prosciutto di parma) as well as outstanding Serrano ham.

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        I agree with Vise. While I don't know that it's "the best place" to find prosciutto in the city, my experiences at Scheffler's has always been great. The prosciutto is sliced thinly, very tender, not at all stringy/tough, and not overly salty.

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          I also agree with Vise. I happened upon Schefflers procuitto by accident and just loved it. I think I had the 12 month. Mmmmmm very good!

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            Another vote for Scheffler's. On Saturdays they usually have a guy out front with a meat slicer offering samples, and I've gotten some really fine prosciutto that way. This past weekend it was an organic one from Iowa -- tender, not too salty, not too fatty. Yum.

        2. In addition to Grace Meats, I've had excellent prosciutto from both Centro Fromagio on College, and Vince Gasparo's up on Bloor and Roxton.

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            You lie, Delish! There is no way you've had excellent prosciutto at Centro Fromaggio - the place is never open! ;) Honestly, every time I pass by this place, it's closed. I've always been wanting to check the place out, but I think they open at hours when I'm working or not thinking about groceries...

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              Well what exactly are u looking for? Parma? San Daniele? or Finch and Weston Road Prosciutto?

          2. Whatever you get, it has to be Prosciutto di Parma and fresh, which means they sell a lot. If it has a slight white crystalized hue, it is going to be old and salty. If you get San Daniele brand, get the gold label.

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              Not San Daniele the brand...San Daniele the region in Veneto which makes a sweeter style compared to its Parma cousin in Emiglia Romagna.

            2. in addition to Schfeller's, I sometimes buy it by weight at Terroni. They slice it well and it is fresh.

                1. Vote for Sheffler's and also Maselli's Supermarket on Danforth near Jones. They cure their own.

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                    I second Masellis Brother Supermarket. In my 'hood and excellent store-cured prosciutto. They are also renvoating and the new space has a lot more italian goods. Greeat collection of italian dried pastas

                  2. There really is no "best" place, as they are importing the prosciutto from Italy. If you have access to a car get out to Pasqualle Brothers in Etobicoke, they have a good selection of Italian prosciutto. Try the organic Niagara prosciutto that is outstanding. Expensive at $55/kilo, I think it is as good as Italian..While you are out that way you can stop at the Cheese Boutique and see how much money you saved at Pasqualle Bro's..

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                      tasoid: see comments above re: Masellis Brothers on the Danforth. They make their own prosciutto at the store.

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                        Vincenzo's on the Danforth between Woodbine and Main also cures their own.

                      2. If you can venture a bit out of downtown, there's a good selection of prosciuttos at Grande Cheese store on - gah I forget the name of the street but it runs into Dufferin right near Yorkdale. There are all sorts of discount outlets on that street. Sorry - brain glitch. I'll remember the name of the street in the middle of the night.

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                          You're talking about Orfus Road. Across from the plaza where Marche Istanbul is.

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                            Yes. Thank you. And I DID remember it in the middle of the night.