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Apr 1, 2007 08:23 PM

Delicieuse - French Ice Cream in the So. Bay (long)

Both my SO and I have been Chowhounders for only a few months and have not made that many posts because, frankly, there are just not that many places in the South Bay (the area south of LAX & west of the 405/110) that qualify as Chowhound establishments, especially for ice cream. So my discovery today of Delicieuse in N. Redondo Beach was quite welcome. Others have posted here about it in detail, one in particular about a year ago if you want to search. However, I first read about it on another post from yesterday that I think has since been removed.

I'll skip the description of the atmosphere of the place, detailed in the other post (unique, like someone's living room) and go straight to the ice cream. While the ice cream is described as french, it reminded me of gelato. We sampled quite a few flavors as one of the family members who served us is very generous. Although all were tasty (strawberry, maple, caramel w/salt) we ended up buying chocolate millionaire (rich, dark chocolate without being biiter), a mixed berry sorbet (absolutely fresh fruit), hazelnut (very nice) and coconut, a new flavor made with goat's milk and coconut. The coconut was the standout flavor of which the owner was very proud. This flavor was full, smooth and fragrant w/out being overly sweet. This flavor alone makes it a Chowhound destination.

Although Delicieuse is located on a major street (Artesia Blvd), it is not that easy to find. And it is only open for limited hours Friday through Sunday. Still, if you find yourself in that neighborhood when they are open, it is so worth the effort. Check their website at for the exact hours. According to the owner, the days of the week and hours may expand this summer. There is one caveat that I must add; I found the ice cream pricey at about $2.95 per scoop. For this reason I still find Scoops near LACC my favorite for value, taste and inventiveness (plus the owner seems to be on a mystical quest for the ultimate flavor).

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  1. I would love to try the ice cream, but the limited hours make that more of a challenge. There is a great little ice cream/gelatto store in Riveria Village next to the Coffee Cartel, it is operated by a Japanese woman...the product is made on the premises..and is very good. Can not think of the name right now..

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      I've looked up the name and it's Crema Dolci located at 1820 S Catalina Ave #103. I agree the favors are very good there and it's the other place we go down in these parts for gelato style ice cream the last few years. However, the few times we've asked, the counter girl who serves us there states that the ice cream is made offsite by a gelati maker in LA. That doesn't mean it's not tasty but it is a richer style than Delicieuse, who does make their ice cream on site according to the owner I spoke to today. The Cajeta (sp?) flavor they have at Crema Dolci is great and always seems near empty whenever we go there.