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Apr 1, 2007 07:27 PM


We love "Ali Baba" restaurant...We absolutely love their falafel and hummus...They, unfortunately are moving a bit far away from us...Closer, on Preston, is a restaurant called "Fadi's"...Anybody eaten there? Comparison?

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  1. Fadi's started here in Houston. Looks like there's more of 'em in Dallas now.

    I went just once. The buffet was not as appetizing looking or tasting to me as Dimassi's, which is one of my favorites locally (from the 'about us' on the website, apparently there's some connection between the two), but some people rave about Fadi's. Sorry I can't comment on Ali Baba, but if you search for Fadi's here on CH, you'll probably pull up some comments from Houstonians, anyway.

    1. Which Ali Baba is moving? I know there is one on lower Greenville and another farther north.

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        The one off of Preston in Plano

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          any idea where they're moving too?

          1. re: mfindfw

            Near Campbell Rd and Central Expressway

      2. I've been to Fadi's on Central near Knox and really enjoy eating there. I haven't been to Ali Baba, so there's no basis for comparison. But a pretty reasonable price gets you an unreasonably large amount of food with a lot of variety. The salads are all fresh and tasty - I'd recommend giving it a try. Let me know how it compares... maybe I should give Ali Baba a shot.

        1. Fadis as a whole is quite good, that being said the Preston & Beltline location is not as good as the Preston location in Frisco. Both locations are quite good and their hummus is above average.

          1. It depends on what you're looking for. To me Fadi's is a healthy-food-oriented buffet with a Middle Eastern twist, not a real Middle Eastern restaurant, and therefore no comparison to Ali Baba (we don't like Fadi's food). I too love Ali Baba's hummus and while we like their regular restaurants, we enjoy Ali Baba Express (on Campbell in Richardson) for all-you-can-eat hummus! I LOVE hummus and it's a hummus paradise to me :-)

            Is the one in Plano moving to Richardson? Great news to us!

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              "All you can eat Hummus?" Wow...What comes with this, and what else is available at this location...Exactly where is this? Yes, the Plano one is moving to Richardson...