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Apr 1, 2007 07:19 PM

2 Foodies, 3nights/4 days in NYC!

Looking for some advice from you native New Yorker foodies. We arrive Thursday afternoon and leave Sunday, late afternoon. We already have reservations and plan to "blow it out" at Picholine on Saturday night. Because of that, we want to keep our other dinners less expensive and more casual. We were thinking for a balance, one night in Chinatown and maybe the other trattoria/Italian. Would love to try Lupa since we went to Babbo last time (we're huge Batali fans!) but can't get a rez anywhere near dinnertime. Also for lunch my husband is craving the best NY-style pizza. Open to any suggestions. Thanks!!!!!

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  1. pizza my faves
    franny's (brooklyn)
    joe's ( on carmine street for a slice, not a sit down place)
    many like
    una pizza neopolitana

    try the enoteca at del posto- you'll get a great batali meal, more casual than the dining room but same batali food
    chinatown- i just lost my joint in chinatown to retirement closing. there are many many well-informed c-towners that will chime in!
    some of my faves
    degustation-the best damn non-traditional tapas you can eat
    a voce-creative italian inspired great flaovors on every dish i've eaten
    veritas-contemporay amercian wow! great, superb wine list
    le bernadin-best seafood you may ever eat. service to die for, special....
    list of italians i love
    da andrea
    the orchard

    others i love with seriously good food
    eleven madison pk (danny meyer)
    telepan(upper west side)
    strip house(steaks and great sides)
    sushi of gari(not much of a room, but creative, fresh, transcendent sushi, other love sushi seki and sushi yasuda for sushi...
    the are million others i can go on all day...
    any specificquestion let me know

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      Thanks Jason, lots of good ideas. Also normally at home we would not go out for Easter Brunch (we usually find peak holiday dining to be too busy and sub-par food) but since our flight doesn't leave until 6pm we will have to eat somewhere! I was thinking maybe dim sum since this seems to be sort of a Sunday thing to do anyway? Any other suggestions? We definitely want something a little more casual since we want to be comfortable for travel.

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        Though I havent been, I have heard from numerous people that the dim sum at Chinatown Brasserie is amazing. It's on my list of must do's...

    2. I think Grimaldi's makes the best pies in the city.
      Ditto enoteca at del posto, Sushi of Gari and Sushi Yasuda.

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      1. re: LFeinberg

        Enoteca at Del Posto is a great idea. Just so you know they only take reservations the day of. So just call at 10:00 a.m. the day you want to go and you should have no problem getting a table.

        1. re: roze

          I just went to Enoteca Del Posto and had a horrible meal.. I was sitting there wondering how this place is still in business when, the table next to us ordered a 900 dollar bottle of wine with there 45 dollar tasting menu.. I then understood why.. Otto is a lot better then Enoteca Del Posto, Lupa is 10 times better.. I personally believe that when Joe B. and Mario team up, its bad news for the diner.. Del Posto is an Italian Version of Bistro Du Vent..

      2. My suggestion about the pizza is to do two things. First, avoid anything that's a chain or the size of a chain (Ray-Bari, etc.). Second, don't obsess. The more you worry about getting "real NY pizza" the more disappointed you'll be when you take your first bite and say "well, it's very good... but I thought my mouth would explode." Hype kills everything. Find some local joints for a slice while you're walking between museums or sights or whatever you're doing. Sample them. Have a slice here and a slice there. And then some more at that place. You'll leave knowing that real NY pizza is an amalgam of all these pizza experiences coalescing into one great memory. Half of NY pizza is the attitude you have while eating it. Pizza is not a tourist food. Real NYers eat pizza. Tourists eat "NY pizza". And pretzels.

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        1. Also, re: Lupa. They hold about 1/3 or maybe more of the tables for walk-ins and will also put you on a list to eat at the bar if two stools open up. If you are committed to going, and it's just two of you, you won't wait longer than an hour in my experience. Especially if you show up early or late. Just sweet talk the blonde hostess and tell her you've been dying to try the place forever. She'll find you a table.

          As for a foodie lunch, get a bahn mi or some dumplings in Chinatown. You won't be disappointed. Search the boards for the debate over best place to go.

          1. Go to the Mandarina Oriental at Time Warner Center for a drink before your dinner at Picholine. Speactacular view.

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