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Apr 1, 2007 07:05 PM

Chinese Buffet suggestions - MSP

I love Chinese buffets because of the variety of food I can sample. I realize they aren't very Chowish, but they still fill a need. I am always on the lookout for good ones to try, so wondering if anyone has any favorites. The current ones that I frequent include

C1 Buffet (Brooklyn Center) - One of my top 2 for lunch. Great Mongolian Grill, lots of choices, decent seafood even at lunch, some sushi, fresh fruit and salads, etc

World Buffet (Apple Valley): My 2nd favorite lunch option. Some more unique dishes here, including calamari, good seafood and chicken dishes, Mongolian grill

Atlantic Buffet (Bloomington): Nicest atmosphere of the group: Great for dinner with huge crispy salt shrimp, OK sushi, mongolian grill

Grand Buffet (St Louis park): Best of the dinner options. Lots of seafood choices, peking duck, crab legs, etc. Mongolian grill is not as good as others.

Would welcome any other suggestions anywhere in TC. I have tried some others, but these are my favorites so far.

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  1. There is the Crazy Buffet in Crystal off of Bass Lake Road. It has a little bit of everything, your standard Chinese Buffet fare along with some sushi and a Mongolian Grill.

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      Thanks for the suggestion. We went up to the outlets today and on the way home gave Crazy buffet a try. I really enjoyed it! The sushi choice was better than average, they had large peel/eat shrimp my wife raved about the fresh pineapple. We will definately be back!

    2. China Jen in Roseville has a pretty decent lunch buffet. Here's a link to a post I made about the buffet awhile back:


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        I appreciate the suggestion. Will give it a try when we are in the area.

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          For any Chinese buffet fans out there (I may be one of the few on Chowhound) - I am always on the lookout for new places.

          Today, I tried 98 Pounds Buffet in Bloomington (824 W. 98th St
          Bloomington, MN). I have no idea how they come up with that name, but after eating there it didn't matter. There used to be another buffet at this same location. The new restaurant is a 1000% improvement. First of all, the interior is one of the nicest of any "buffet" type restaurant. It isn't fancy, but it feels much closer to a regular restaurant. I went for lunch today ($7.99). The main attraction is the sushi on the buffet - I counted 16 varieties. For a buffet in the twin cities, that's pretty good. Although it was all basic stuff, they had salmon rolls, tuna rolls, spicy tuna, eel, etc. They said it was different at dinner time, so I will have to see how much more is available then. The Chinese portion of the buffet isn't huge, but the food is very good. They had several types of shrimp dishes including ones that would usually be reserved for a dinner price. That may be only a temporary thing as they just recently opened, but we shall see. I think the food quality was the best of any Chinese buffet in town. Again, not the largest selection, but easily my new favorite. Only downside is that there is no Mongolian Grill, but that's a small price to pay given the sushi selection.

          My overall assessment is that given what they were serving for lunch, they will either need to raise prices or reduce the number of "expensive" choices. In the interim, this place is a flat out bargain.

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            When I used to live in Plymouth, MN(Western burbs) my family and I loved the Red Pepper restaurant, especially for their lunch buffet. It wasn't one of those mega Chinese buffet places but they have a decent selection and all of it is VERY TASTY. My daughter went to the Twin Cities to see some friends last week, and The Red Pepper was on her list. She went and loved it! Wish we could order it off the internet. So far nothing comes close to Red Pepper in SE Michigan.

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              We were going to drive by the place today, I seen a sign on the side of a bus, and but I couldn't figure out where is was, I swear it said bloomington av south and 98th and that didn't make any sense either, now thinking about it I should've figured it was right there. I think I'm going to hit it up tomorrow. I'll post a reply. Didn't really matter I don't think I could've talked the wife out of Twin City grill, I tell you they have the best salad and mashed taters in town.

              We tried King's buffet in Burnsville the other night is was ok, we went at like 3-4 pm and the food wasn't the freshest and the sushi was picked over, didn't notice anyone waiting to cook us a meal on the Mongolian grill. Not to say I expect a whole lot at that time of day I did expect a little more than that. Big selection too. I think during a dinner hour or a busier lunch hour it could be a really nice place to eat. We'll have to hit it up another night, my parents Rav about the place, and they've eaten at World Buffet a ton of times. Gotta be pretty good .... when it's good.

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                98 Pounds Buffet - From what I heard on another message board, 98 is for the 98th Street it is located on, and Pounds is for the fact that when you get To Go, it is weighed on a scale by the check out.

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                  I should mention I did have a chance to visit 98 pounds, and I'd say it was pretty darn good, and I can't believe it was only $7.99 (lunch) a person, plus a card with 5 or 6 meals you get a free one. I had a whole lot of sushi, it was decent, I'm compare it to a little skimpier version of what you'd get at Lunds/Bylerlys taste was comparable, but there seemed to be a little less meat in the rolls, I can handle that. The buffet spread was pretty nice too, though not super big as some places have, everything was fairly fresh and decent quality. IMHO this is the best buffet I've been too, since I really like sushi, but my current budget doesn't allow for the nice places, this scratches the itch quite nicely. Yeah no mongolian grill, but I'd rather go to Khan's for that anyways.

                  I should mention though the Hot and sour soup, was quite possibably the worst, no let's just clarify it now... as the worst most horrific soup I've ever tasted, Stay away from the Hot and Sour soup, I could choke a bite down, my mother almost didn't, she didn't believe me when I said it was the worst I've ever had. I've eaten a lot of Hot and Sour soup too, I'd urge you to just keep moving past that one.

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                    There are also coupons in City Pages, although I am sure that's temporary. Went again today for lunch. I need to give it a try for dinner one of these weeks to see how it differs, but lunch is such a good deal I haven't bothered for dinner yet. Seems to be fairly popular. I don't think it is a great location, but sure hope it is around awhile.

                    The lack of a Mongolian grill doesn't seem like a huge deal to me. If I am in the mood for that, C1 Buffet is the place to go (they have an oyster sauce on the Mongolian grill that makes it taste amazing - plus the guy that oversees it keeps it spotless). I really enjoy going to the Chinese buffets not for the "all you can eat" reason, but for the fact that I can try a little bit of everything and not commit to one choice. 98 Pounds is my new #1 because if you stick to mostly the sushi, it isn't really that unhealthy a meal....

          2. China Delight in Inver Grove Heights. A bit of a hike for many, any a not-too-fancy decor, but love the buffet, especially when they have the almond shrimp and sirloin stirfry. Don't go for the salads or desserts - but the appetizers and main dishes are very very good.

            1. I've had some good meals at Great Moon Buffet on Robert St in West St Paul. I've enjoyed the Mongolian barbecue and the shrimp options at dinner.

              I've had a couple of good lunches at New China Buffet on Yankee Doodle in Eagan, but the key is to get there early in the lunch period. Once I arrived at about 2 and the food had been sitting in the steam trays for a looooong time, not good.

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                Teahouse in Plymouth. great lunch buffet for $8.

              2. I also like Tea House, just not quite like ordering off the menu. In Coon Rapids on corner of CR Blvd and Xavis is a liitle place with a great twist on buffet. You sit and waitrs roam w just cooked, steamy hot, still crisp dishes. Haven't been in years, and can't think of the name.