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Apr 1, 2007 07:04 PM

trader joes type stores in middlesex county?

hi guys...i recently moved out here (north brunswick) from new york...just wondering if there is a trader joes type place somewhere near by..i know there is one out in westfield but thats really far...any similar type of stores that you guys know of?

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  1. I believe that is the closest store to you. There arent many TJs in NJ.


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      yeah that's what i found..i was wondering if there were any other stores like tj around here - like any good natural/health food stores.

      1. re: rabs

        Hey! That's a whole different question!

        I'd like to suggest Whole Earth Center on Nassau Avenue in Princeton. It has a vast selection of health food items, bulk grains and spices, and a better selection of local, organic produce than I've seen in any other independent health food store.

        It's still a bit far from North Brunswick, but at least it's a straight shot down Route 27.

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          yeah thats what i was trying to ask! sorry about the confusion! whole earth center sounds great..i'll check it out...

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            Wegman's is a great supermarket in Woodbridge, off of Rt. 9. They have lots of "Trader Joe's type" items.

    2. There's a Whole Foods on Route 1 near Princeton. Sure, it's pricier than TJ's, but it'll do in a pinch.

      1. Westfield is proably the closest. What I do, is try to budget some time when I'm driving down the Parkway to make a special visit to TJ's. Not quite sure why they don't open one around these parts already!

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          Westfield is the closest, but I heard a rumor that there will be one opening on Rt. 1 in Princeton soon. Also heard that Wild Oats (basically across the street from Whole Earth) in Princeton is being bought out by WHole Foods and wil be closing.