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Apr 1, 2007 06:11 PM

KitchenAid: Is the Pro 6 too much mixer for me?

I'm planning to buy a KA soon and have done tons of research here - thanks, everyone who's written about theirs.

I'm leaning towards the Pro 6 for all the obvious reasons (CI rated it best, plus the general view of 'buy the most power you can afford') - but there's one thing worrying me. I'd be making mostly smallish stuff: one cake, small batch of bread, a small souffle, maybe a occasional double batch of cookies. And I've read reviews suggesting the Pro 6 doesn't do so well with small batches - the beaters don't reach to the bottom of the bowl and therefore mixing isn't as thorough, etc.

If the Pro 6 does small batches as well as it does large, then perfect. If not - well, 90% of the time I'm cooking for two, so in that case an Artisan might be a better fit for me.

Any advice from Pro 6 owners?

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  1. I can't speak to the Pro 6 ability with small stuff because I have a different model. I just wanted to chime in and remind you that there are choices other than the Artisan and the Pro 6. Last fall I got the Professional 5 Plus model. More power than the artisan, less than the Pro 6. It's worked great for me so far.

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    1. I have a Pro 6 and love it. I use it for heavy duty work, kneading bread dough and grinding meat in addition to the usual mixer chores. It has metal gears and it's much noisier than the smaller models with non-metal gears.

      Bought mine on the KA website outlet store for about the same the smaller mixers sale price.

      1. I was about to get the Pro 6 and than decided that the Artisan was a better fit for the amount of baking that I do plus I really liked the design of the tilt head. I love the mixer.

        1. I have a Pro 6 and love it, but you will not love it for small batches. I tried to make a small serving of mashed potatoes in it over the weekend - just using 3 potatoes. The mixer attachment worked ok, but switching over to the wire wisk it would barely touch the potatoes in the bowl.

          On the other hand, it works great with large batches, :)

          I too, got it off the KA outlet, model RKP2671XWH via, refurbished, for $155 which was a steal. I'm just sad that none of the stuff goes in the dishwasher afterwards, it's handwash only. Is that the same for the other KA mixers?

          1. I have an Aritsan and I love it. We are just 2,( or I am cooking for 6-10 people for dinners, and it is just the right size. ) I have had it for 4 years and I have only once wished it was the larger version. (At Christmas- I was making cakes for gifts...) It fits really well on my counterto, without taking up too much room. Who says bigger is always better?? :)