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Apr 1, 2007 05:37 PM

five-flavor sunflower seeds - how long has this been going on?!

I only saw this for the first time the other day. Had to try it.

Now everyone knows that peanut snack (Japanese and Chinese both have them) where the peanut is coated with some sort of rice flower and is tan color, and smooth in texture, crunchy to the bite? I think the Chinese call it 魚皮花生(fish-skin peanuts). I never cared much for the fish skin peanuts, but I found the same treatment for sunflower seeds are delicious. I have tried chocolate coated sunflower seeds before and thought them too sweet. Now, this combo has just the right ratio of crunch and nutty flavor.

I know, you all probably have had these...where have I been?

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  1. Well, where ever you have been, I have been there too! I haven't seen any of the things you describe. I've seen them flavored in the shell, like barbecue flavor.

    Where did you find the ones you are describing?

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    1. re: tobycat

      These are shelled then coated sunflower seeds. With the coating they're the size of pine nuts.

      (The more common peanut version is this:
      I guess you'll have to imagine those coating on the small sunflower seeds)

      I found the sunflower seeds snacks in NYC's Korean market, although the maker of the snack is China.

      Why don't i just upload the photo before I eat it all..