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Apr 1, 2007 05:30 PM

AOC - 2 questions

I posted about AOC a few weeks back because I was planning on going there. Well something came up and I had to cancel the dinner. But now I have a reservation for this thursday at 7pm. Question #1 - I have never been to a small plates restaurant like AOC so I am not exaclty sure how ordering goes. Do I order all of the plates at once, or do I order one after another? Ouestion #2 - I would like to make a night of this, so I'm estimating the dinner will last for a couple hours, and after that we will either go to a club or go get dessert and then go to a club. Does anyone have a suggestion for a dessert place or a nightclub good for dancing that is fairly close to AOC (~2 miles)? Also, as far as plates go at AOC, I'm thinking: roasted dates, grilled scallops, grilled skirt steak, and the sauteed wild mushrroms. Is this a good selection? Is it enough food for 2 people? any changes or additions that you would make?

Thanks a lot for your help

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  1. I like to order some plates and then order more because I would hate it if everything came at once. They are really cool about you ordering that way too.

    I would suggest that you consider ordering the chicken liver crostini. If you like cauliflower, they have a wonderful roasted cauliflower with curry that is really fabulous.

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      i'm with BV on the chicken liver crostini. Try out the beef cheeks, cheese plate and foie gras. When I ate here w/ my gf, we just ordered 4 plates in the beginning and continued to munch on the delicious harissa dip/bread for another 30 minutes. Take your time here and enjoy. Next time I eat here, I'm at the bar for sure. Seems more lively there, while the tables are for ppl wearing their datefaces.

    2. AOC is not the best fo rlong nights. The staff does keep coming around so you can keep on ording but a bter long night is at Lucques.

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        I'm curious as to why AOC isn't best for long nights. Do you men you wouldn't stay there for more than an hour? Or do you mean that you wouldn't go there to start out the night? Any other recs for desserts nearby or places to go afterwards, perhaps dancing?

        Thank again

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          Just order one or two dishes at a time -- I've never had a dinner at AOC that was shorter than 1-1/2 hours, and have been to plenty which were longer. Sure, the staff will stop by periodically to clear plates and see if you want to order anything else, but I don't mind that at all.

          As to your selected plates, you might want to consider adding one or two more, depending upon how hungry you and your guest are. In particular, the cheese and charcuterie plates at AOC are very good, as are the salads.

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          oh yeah, i love the rice with black squid ink. Remember to bring a spare toothbrush after you devour this.

        3. I usually order a few plates at a time. DEFINITELY the dates. Haven't tried the scallops or the mushrooms, but I bet they're delicious. The skirt steak was good. I love their sopressata, proscuitto and lomo/chorizo dishes. And their CHEESE!

          Munching through a few plates at a time, it's definitely do-able to spend a few hours here - I think I average 3.........

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            the morel dish last spring was yummy -- if they have it again, you should get it

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. I think it's a great "long night" place. You also can sample a bunch of wines by the glass or by flight, and order a dish or two with each. They won't rush you, and it's a fun, bustling place to spend a few hours. I had my birthday there this year, and I think we were there from 8pm until midnight.

              And even though you already have plenty of suggestions, I love the farro, the baby broccoli, the clams, the speck, and whatever the market fish is.