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Apr 1, 2007 05:18 PM

What to do with crackers & cracker crumbs?

hi all,

I had a party last night and ended up with lots of leftover crackers. There's no way I can eat them all and they will definitely go stale before I can use them up. I already grounded up a few as they were already old. Any ideas of what I can do with my crackers and cracker crumbs?


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  1. Janine, I usually toss my leftover crackers in a food processor and make crumbs out of all of them and put them in a container, label them and freeze them. They make a good crunchy crust for things like fish patties , fish filets and chicken breasts.

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      can also use in crabcakes (minimal amt as a binder) & meatloaf-- and just about anything that needs a binder.

      Do you have a nearby duckpond? If you really have a ton extra, it's always fun to stop by & feed the ducks!

    2. I like Ritz cracker crumbs as a cruncy topping on my mac and cheese!

      1. Use them for coating chicken, fish, etc...and also sprinkle them on top, buttered, on casseroles, and broiled tomatoes...

        1. Use them for anything you'd use bread crumbs, even meatloaf.

          1. Crunch'em up in a processor or with a rolling pin, melt a bunch of butter or butter-like substance in a big saucepan, along with either a good dash or two of Tabasco or some shakes of cayenne pepper, and stir in the cracker crumbs. Use to top mac'n'cheese or other gratin dishes, or use to crumb pork chops, fish or crab cakes. Crumbs in general are just great to have on hand, and these are some of the best.