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Apr 1, 2007 05:15 PM

Something Different - Korean BBQ in Vallejo

From Hawaiian to Korean BBQ - Kalbee opened up just this week in the space formerly occupied by Hawaiian Drive Inn.

I'm completely unfamiliar with this cuisine, but this is something different for Vallejo, so I had to give it a try. Like the former occupant, this place is geared more for take out business. I ended up ordering the Bim Bim Bop ($7.50) with a side of cuttlefish (after I declined the initial kim chee offering.) With everything plus the hot sauce mushed together, it was fine enough, though the mix did seemed a touch skewed toward the rice.

The somewhat sparse-looking menu (everything comes in at under $10) also has Chop Chae, Kim Chee Fried Rice, Bulgogi, Kalbi, spicy pork, and a couple items you'd see on the former tenant's menu (breaded mahi mahi & chicken.) Mandoo (fried potstickers) and Seaweed Soup are listed as menu extras.

Kalbee Korean BBQ
3730 Sonoma Blvd
(Next To Starbread & Tapioca Express)
Vallejo, CA

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