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Apr 1, 2007 05:10 PM

Just Bought a Brand New Le Creuset...

...8 quart Oval French Oven, purchased at Costco. Brand spanking new... Looks great, and price was right.

So I decide to look it up on the Le Creuset website and I am totally surprised to find that I cannot locate such a product. No eight quart (or 7.5 liter) oval French Ovens anywhere on the website. Others of various sizes, and an 8-quart stockpot (NOT what I purchased), but no 8-quart Oval French Oven.

So I Google the 8 Quart Le Creuset French Oven. Again, not a single hit. Well, actually, a lot of hits, but nothing that leads to an actual 8-quart Oval French Oven by Le Creuset.

I checked the box the Le Creuset came in again, and it certainly says 8 quart oval French Oven. I looked at the nifty little Le Creuset orange booklet that came with the product, and it is generic, no mention of specific products.

Can anyone offer me some advice on this? Does Le Creuset make a line that is offered only to Costco, for example? Have they just introdued a new size that isn't yet online? Or might I be dealing with a counterfeit product?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated...


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  1. is there a stamp on the inside of the lid (or the name on the top)... i have not seen Le Creuset at Costco here, but who knows....

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    1. re: Mel

      No stamp, but the lid has "Le Creuset" in raised metal on the outside, and the outside bottom of the oval oven itelf has "Le Creuset" followed by "33" followed by "France", all in a circular pattern embedded into the metal. None of these identifiers could possibly be removed without melting the metal down.

      Perhaps that's a sign that the product is for real...

      Thanks for the reply...


    2. All my LC have circular stamps with Le Creuset in raised letters and "France" on the lid. I don't shop at Costco, but I do know that Sam's Club frequently offers slightly different product sizes or specs on their discounted items -- I suspect in order to make it difficult to compare versus other discount pricing available. I wouldn't be surprised if LC made a special size pot for Costco. They even make special colors for Williams Sonoma.

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      1. re: RGC1982

        Thanks for your response. That's what I've begun to think as well. It's obviously very well made and it's unlikely to me that Costco would deal in questionable goods.

        1. re: BrookBoy

          If you go to the LC site you can look up the products and see what ##s are associated with them. All the french ovens have a number.

          The 6 3/4 oval is #31

          The 9 1/2 is #35

          Since the 33 is, indeed missing from the official site, I suspect it is specially made for Costco or is a discontinued size.

          1. re: C. Hamster

            I just dragged a bunch of mine out and no 33. I am suspectiing a discontinued size. I used to sell the stuff and when they had their annual factory sale and i could buy it at cost. I have a bunch but no 33.

            1. re: Candy

              Thank you all for your replies. I think you are right, it is either a discontinued size or a size made specifically for Costco. I'm glad we found it, though, as 8 quarts is perfect for us.

              Thanks again...

              1. re: BrookBoy

                many compwill make a large lot for stores such as cosco, this allows them to protect other retailers and dealers, ccosco is very good at making these types of deals, if the pot is enamled do not worry it will work and last for a long period of time. bargan hunting is a very competive business.

        2. re: RGC1982

          This is what I found. Are you sure it holds 8 quarts? Measure with cups of water...

          Le Creuset Oval Oven Size Chart







          *Size = number found on the inside
          of the lid and on the base of your oven.
          Dimensons are from side to side in US inches.

          Le Creuset Round Oven Size Chart





          6.75QT Wide




          *Size = number found on the inside
          of the lid and on the base of your oven.
          Diameter is in US inches.

        3. I'll be going to Costco next week myself. You've got me interested. How much did your oval pot cost? Did Costco have any round ones? Do you remember sizes and prices on those?

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          1. re: niki rothman

            I saw the 8 qt LC oval ovens in red and blue at Costco this week. I think there were $159.

            1. re: sarahleah

              the 8qt is probably made specifically for costco. sold out at most costco in socal. manager told me the next shipment will be in august.

              1. re: hotpot

                I noticed on the Le Creuset UK website they feature a 8.25 qt oval French Oven.

          2. You have two lines of products in the US. Le Creuset of America manufactured in the US and Le Creuset manufactured in France and imported. The latter is much more expensive.

            1. I also found this, but this piece of Le Creuset IS NOT CAST IRON. Matches the Cast Iron sets though.

              Le Creuset 8-Quart Stockpot, Blue
              Visit Store
              The Le Creuset stockpot is styled and colored to match other pieces in the collection, but due to its size is made of steel with an enamel coating. If it were made of cast iron you'd never be able to lift it safely, especially with bubbling soup or stew inside! The lid fits tightly to keep all those delicious aromas and flavors inside. This 8 quart pot is wonderful for simmering chicken stock or marinara sauce, boiling pasta for spaghetti night and steaming bulky vegetables.