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Apr 1, 2007 04:43 PM

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory - Open late?

Hey all

I'll be in New York over Easter and I'll be heading to Grimaldi's and the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory on the Friday when I fly in. It might be pretty late when I get to Grimaldi's so does anyone know when the Ice Cream Factory closes?

Also, I may as well get some recs while I'm here. Are any of the topping in Grimaldi's and ice creams at the factory particularly unmissable?


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    1. re: Aidoscuz

      They're closed when it's cold out, so I'd call them and make sure they're open at all.
      Here's the number I got from google:

      I've been to this place a couple of times and while the view is to die for, the ice cream is nothing special. If you can get there before 7, Almondine on water st in DUMBO (Jacques Torres pastry shop) has much better ice cream. Ciao Bella, also in DUMBO (washington st) is also better and I believe they're open later.

      Either way, DUMBO is extremely picturesque -- you'll enjoy your visit even if you have to wait in line for Grimaldi's (and you probably will!)

      1. re: oolah

        Thanks for the info. I'll check Ciao Bella out. From what I can gather it seems to be part of another restaurant, Rice's I think. Is this the place you're thinking of?

        1. re: Aidoscuz

          Yep, it's in Rice, but it's an ice cream counter and you can just walk up and get a couple of scoops. Rice is an ok place to eat, but it's not at all a destination restaurant, so stick with Grimaldi's as your dinner destination.

          There's also a decent bar under Rice if you're thinking of staying for drinks after dinner.

          If you're willing to cab it (or take a 30 min stroll), a better drink destination is Brooklyn Social on Smith and Carroll. Great drinks -- very Brooklyn nouveau -- and a good contrast to Grimaldi's old-school Brooklyn.

          Oh yeah, and you can never go wrong with pepperoni pizza :) Enjoy your trip.

          1. re: Aidoscuz

            I think brooklyn ice cream factory is a better experience than just getting a scoop at Ciao Bella (and yes, Rice is a mediocre restaurant). you can get a pint of Ciao Bella in any upscale grocery store. Eating a freshly made scoop of chocolate chunk ice cream on the pier, looking out at manhattan is much nicer, imo. I actually like their ice cream (even though i do enjoy Ciao Bella too). It tastes fresh, and simple. But, I do not know if it's open this weekend. Also, it's supposed to be very cold!! Perhaps going to Jacques Torres (always good), or Almondine (haven't tried it yet) for a hot chocolate and a stroll would be a better alternative.