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Apr 1, 2007 04:36 PM

Best Blue Smoke Dishes

Hey all

I'm visiting NYC this weekend and one of the restaurant's I'll be visiting is Blue Smoke. Does anyone have any recs on what to get? I'm thinking of getting ribs but I'm not sure which ones I should go for. I don't like Coleslaw (which they all come with) so would I need to get some extra sauce or something for the ribs instead? Also, what about the sides? There'll be two of us going so would one side each suffice? As for dessert, I've heard good things about the Chocolate Layer Cake so I'll probably go for that unless any of the others are better.


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  1. glad you are dropping in on blue smoke but be prepared to wait for a table. i think others will agree that the ribs aren't great by any stretch. the mac and cheese is great as is the toasted ravioli (it's really horrible in other places) and the fry bread. we also had the hot brownie sundae which was fantastic. try ths website for reviews and a menu:

    i'm sure others will have some recommendations for you. btw , there are approximately 5-6 tubes of different sauces on each table. it's a cool place but i just wish the ribs were better. let us know what you think. have a fun visit.

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      As nativeNYer says, it is a very popular place and I'd call ahead to try to get reservations if you don't have time to wait. I like the St Louis ribs, deviled eggs, potato chips, salted peanuts, mac & cheese (it's a large portion, though), and the sticky toffee pudding for dessert (if it's on the menu this time around).

      I am not a huge fan of coleslaw either but the coleslaw they serve with the pulled pork tastes very different, with lots of sesame flavor.

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        I forgot about the deviled eggs! They're really great.

      2. re: nativeNYer

        for what it's worth, i think the dry ribs are great.

      3. My advice? Babyback ribs, extra sauce on the side, mac & cheese, homemade potato chips with blue cheese dressing, hush puppies...

        1. Blue Smoke is all about the sandwiches - burgers, cuban and unsingers bologna to be specific. I found the other stuff to be overrated, including the mac & cheese.

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            2nd bologna. frankly the only dish i found memorable.....

          2. only been there once, and im a vegetarian, but for what it's worth -

            try the bbq potato chips and blue cheese dip.

            skip the dessert sampler, wasnt terribly impressed by much on it. there was a banana thing that was pretty good.

            1. Might as well add another conflicting opinion here... I don't like the ribs there but I love the brisket, lean and marbled. Sides are all good--any of them, really.