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Best Blue Smoke Dishes

Hey all

I'm visiting NYC this weekend and one of the restaurant's I'll be visiting is Blue Smoke. Does anyone have any recs on what to get? I'm thinking of getting ribs but I'm not sure which ones I should go for. I don't like Coleslaw (which they all come with) so would I need to get some extra sauce or something for the ribs instead? Also, what about the sides? There'll be two of us going so would one side each suffice? As for dessert, I've heard good things about the Chocolate Layer Cake so I'll probably go for that unless any of the others are better.


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  1. glad you are dropping in on blue smoke but be prepared to wait for a table. i think others will agree that the ribs aren't great by any stretch. the mac and cheese is great as is the toasted ravioli (it's really horrible in other places) and the fry bread. we also had the hot brownie sundae which was fantastic. try ths website for reviews and a menu: http://menupages.com/restaurantdetail...

    i'm sure others will have some recommendations for you. btw , there are approximately 5-6 tubes of different sauces on each table. it's a cool place but i just wish the ribs were better. let us know what you think. have a fun visit.

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      As nativeNYer says, it is a very popular place and I'd call ahead to try to get reservations if you don't have time to wait. I like the St Louis ribs, deviled eggs, potato chips, salted peanuts, mac & cheese (it's a large portion, though), and the sticky toffee pudding for dessert (if it's on the menu this time around).

      I am not a huge fan of coleslaw either but the coleslaw they serve with the pulled pork tastes very different, with lots of sesame flavor.

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        I forgot about the deviled eggs! They're really great.

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        for what it's worth, i think the dry ribs are great.

      3. My advice? Babyback ribs, extra sauce on the side, mac & cheese, homemade potato chips with blue cheese dressing, hush puppies...

        1. Blue Smoke is all about the sandwiches - burgers, cuban and unsingers bologna to be specific. I found the other stuff to be overrated, including the mac & cheese.

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            2nd bologna. frankly the only dish i found memorable.....

          2. only been there once, and im a vegetarian, but for what it's worth -

            try the bbq potato chips and blue cheese dip.

            skip the dessert sampler, wasnt terribly impressed by much on it. there was a banana thing that was pretty good.

            1. Might as well add another conflicting opinion here... I don't like the ribs there but I love the brisket, lean and marbled. Sides are all good--any of them, really.

              1. KANSAS CITY RIBS!

                I have had all their ribs there and I think the KC ones are the best.

                Mac and cheese is solid. Also like the burger.

                1. I liked the brisket, pulled pork and the fry bread. Definitely get a reservation if you don't want to wait.


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                    Reservations are easy to come by but the wait usually isn't too bad for a table of two. I go all the time on friday nights and usually haven't had to wait more than 30 minutes. Which is enough time for me to enjoy a Blue Smoke Ale and some of the NC salt peanuts at the bar.

                    Also highly recommend their burgers, Texas beef ribs, chipotle wings and the mac and cheese. Definitely get the fry bread, I like to get it with the jalapeno marmalade as opposed tothe chipotle butter it comes with. As many times as I've been there, I don't think i've ever ordered desserts, so I can't comment on those.

                  2. I agree with other posters that say Blue Smoke is all about the sandwiches. IMO the burger is among the top in NYC (it's the big brother to the Shack burger) and the pulled pork sandwich is very good also. The deviled eggs are unbelievably good and I loved the baked beans and the mac & cheese. Good selection of beers. I've never made it to dessert ;-)

                    1. I go there often, but eat downstairas at the Jazz Standard... I 'm a native Chicagoan, and find the St. Louis ribs pretty good for New York Que... the pulled pork samdwich is my favorite, tho. I also love the scallops from the Non-Que menu. Have never had dessert there, so cannot recommend.

                      1. Aside from the must-eat ribs, I always make sure to order their "BBQ Mussels" as a starter, they are surperb!

                        1. Wow, thanks for all the replies everyone! Looks like choosing is going to be harder than I thought...

                          Seems there's a lot of different opinion on the ribs. I might risk it and try the Texas Beef ribs. Should I get a half rack and leave some room for the sides or go for a full rack?

                          On to the sides. Seems like the whole menu's been recommended! If I leave out a starter, how many sides do you think two of us would be able for? If we were going for, say, three would Fry bread, Mac and cheese and Hush puppies be a good choice?

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                            do a half rack of ribs to start so you don't commit yourself to something you may not love. you can always order a half of rack of the same or of something else later. those three sides are perfect choices based on what i've heard and not completely overboard. carry out whatever you don't finish.

                            re the table wait, i had a very odd experience last time i went. i showed up on a thurs evening at 9:50pm , party of two and was told my wait would be 30 minutes.
                            we wound up getting a table in < 15 min but it was packed even on a thursday. perhaps it was a rare thing. i've only been there two other times, but on a saturday and we had reservations for a large group . i joined my group, many of whom were already seated , when i arrived.

                            have a great time and please report back to us.

                          2. i agree with many of the others by saying the pulled pork sandwich is the way to go. One of you must get this! I also like the mac 'n cheese and the potato chips w/ blue cheese appetizer. enjoy!

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                              You can get a barbecue sampler, which has a little bit of a bunch of different preps.

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                                I prefer the Kansas City ribs, but you can get a platter with all three kinds of ribs on it, and then see which you prefer. Share that with a burger or a pulled pork sandwich and a few sides, and you're good to go!

                            2. Last time I was there, they had a Bread Pudding with Bacon... one of the best things ever. The burger is great, and for ribs, you should try the sampler and see what you like best. I say the Texas Salt & Pepper dry ribs are easily the best, but as you can see, there are many different opinions.

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                                Agree with the sampler. You can to try a bit of everything and if you want more you can always do that.

                                If they have the soft-shelled crab sandwich, definitely order it! It is a special so they do not always have it, but it is IMO one of the best things that they have.

                              2. Chicken wings, fry bread, milkshake or malted. Waddle home.

                                1. Ok, I think I've finally settled on what I'll order. I'm going to go for the pulled pork sandwich and my dad's going to get the rib sampler. I'll stick with the fry bread, hushpuppies and mac and cheese for the sides. Should give us a nice sample of the menu hopefully. One more thing - does the coleslaw come in the sandwich or separately? I'd prefer to have it separate in case I don't like it.

                                  I think I'll make a reservation the day before I go to just to be sure I don't have to wait too long.

                                  Thanks for all the advice everybody, it's really helped. I'll report back on how I got on!

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                                    sounds great and we'll be waiting to hear from you. not sure whether the slaw comes in the sandwich but my guess is it comes n a separate, small bowl. however, they are accomodating so just ask and then they'll definitely serve it on the side if that's your preference. the wait staff is nice. ENJOY!!

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                                      opentable.com for easy reservations--and very accomodating of requests (table in back of dining area is less noisy and away from the busy bar area)

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                                        i had the same exact experience at dinosaur's last night. i made my 2nd open table reservation ever and was seated the moment i arrived despite the crowds, and they honored my request with a perfect table off to the side and away from the door.

                                    2. Hmm. I ate lunch there last week and was disappointed.
                                      The ribs were not fully cooked..they were red. They made me nauseous.

                                      The burger I ordered rare was practically raw. My mistake for ordering rare, but I always order my burgers rare everywhere I go and never had a problem before. Disgusting.

                                      The devilled eggs were nothing special. Making devilled eggs is not hard....mine are more interesting than theirs!

                                      mac and cheese was good. But tooooo rich after the first two bites.

                                      I was very disappointed and thought I would share my experience.

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                                        I'm not sure how much you know about ribs, so don't take offense when I ask why you think that they weren't fully cooked. Ribs are often pink/red when they've been slow smoked. I just can't see ribs coming out of there raw.

                                      2. Hi everyone, I'm just back from New York today. I absolutely loved Blue Smoke!

                                        We got there at about 8.30 and had to wait for a little while. I was planning on making an opentable reservation but didn't have internet access in my hotel, so I rang them up. They said they weren't taking any more reservations for Sunday so we just went along. Luckily we just had to wait about 15 minutes and got a nice table upstairs.

                                        I was a bit surprised when I looked at the menu to see that only the pulled pork platter was there, not the sandwich. The waitress assured me I could still get the sandwich though. Crisis averted... My dad ordered the Blue Smoke Burger, and I stuck with the sides I had chosen beforehand (mac and cheese, fry bread and hushpuppies).

                                        Everything was delicious when it arrived. I have next to no experience of proper BBQ but the pulled pork tasted brilliant to me, really smoky and juicy. Despite my misgivings the coleslaw was delicious. All the sides were great, but the mac and cheese was particularly good. I devoured almost the whole portion in a few minutes. I tried some of the burger as well and it was excellent. I didn't get to try any other burgers in NY for comparison but it tasted damn good to me.

                                        On to dessert. I was torn between the chocolate layer cake and sticky toffee pudding, and went for the chocolate cake in the end. It was absolutely incredible! It was unbelievably moist, and wasn't overly sweet or heavy. Came with a nice glass of milk to wash it down as well.

                                        Overall I was really happy with the visit. Thanks for all the help with the choices everyone!

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                                          Really glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the report. I always look forward to feedback.
                                          The mac and cheese is incredible... I know. I was falling off my chair when I first tasted it. I guess I have to try the pulled pork. Thanks again.