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Apr 1, 2007 04:30 PM

Wine for Baked Feta with Honey

Elsewhere on the board someone posted about warming feta in the oven and drizzling herb-infused honey over. I'm about to do that but don't know if I have a decent wine for it. I really need to do a wine shop as we're almost out but here's what we have left: a few different Alborinos, a French sparkling white, Alsatian Gerwitzerminer, Vouvray, a blend of Rousanne/Grenache/Viognier, and a Louis Jadot Beaujolias Villages.
Any ideas? If we must we'll run to the store but would prefer not to tonight as we're running a bit late.

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  1. Speaking strictly of wine & Feta, in wine & cheese tastings the 4 wines I've found to be the best match with Feta are: Tempranillo, Pinot Noir, Syrah, and Zinfandel....

    However, when you introduce the honey I'm a bit baffled there. It's a very limited experience but at a recent Moroccan dinner several of the dishes had a sweet edge (with raisins, cinnamon, etc.) and Zinfandel matched quite nicely with them.

    Moreover the honey is "herb infused" and that raises the question of what the herbs are... and what ultimately this dish is... an app, a dessert item, or a side dish to be served alongside something else ??

    1. Gosh, you're right. Not enough information, sorry about that! I think I was in such a rush to get going that I didn't think my post out at all and just assumed you could read my mind.

      Anyway, as it happened, I really didn't know what to do so I just took the bottle of alborino that I had opened earlier. We learned that most of the others would be drinking someone's home brewed beer so then I wasn't so concerned. Still, I didn't know what the heck I was doing re wine choice. As for the feta, (which was just for snacking) I cubed it, drizzled on a tiny bit of olive oil and some oregano & thyme and baked it. The honey I heated with a small amount of rosemary. Found that idea on a post here at CH.
      I'd still like to know what you might recommend because the cheese was a hit so I'll surely be doing it again. I'd also be interested in knowing if you think any whites would work as I don't drink much red anymore due to migraines. Would like a red rec for serving others, though.

      Thank you!

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        Well Oregano and Thyme both point further towards reds... and most specifically Tempranillo and Zinfandel again...

        As a twist to this dish, you might try serving the feta cubes within an orzo, couscous, or rice dish, along with some slivers of nuts, dried fruit pieces, or whatever else strikes your fancy.

        You could also expound on it to "bring the food to the wine", by including in the dish some ingredients that are very friendly to your target wine. So, if you've chosen Syrah as your target wine, you might do a Lamb (very syrah-friendly meat) and baked Feta Couscous.....

        As for a white wine to serve with the Feta alone, I haven't found whites to score as highly as reds with it.... But one possible direction to go might be with a plain Chevre which reminds me vaguely of the flavor of Feta...

        The key is that while Chevre is goat's milk, much feta is sheep's milk and sheeps milk cheeses in general (ex: zamarano, roncal, pecorinos, roquefort, etc. tend to match red table wines better than whites (although some match white dessert wines quite well)... You might experiment with this by insisting on a GOATS MILK feta and see if that isn't more compatible with white table wines, most specifically Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay as they are both extremely tasty with a basic plain Chevre.

        But I haven't done this "goats vs. sheeps" feta experiment personally, and am just guessing at it.

        1. re: Chicago Mike

          Thanks so much for your help, I was pretty lost. I will try different things, as you suggest, to find a white that works. Will be sure to have an appropriate red for others when we eat this cheese app again. I really appreciate your detailed and very informative post.