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Apr 1, 2007 04:13 PM

sweet lady jane- incredibly rude!

i had just had the worst customer service experience at sweet lady jane today. i'm typically very forgiving when it comes to service but today's experience just takes the cake. the woman helping us (with strawberry blonde hair) rolled her eyes at us several times (for what, i have no idea) and just seemed pretty abrasive. when we paid for our cake, she gave us our change by slamming it on the glass cake counter and walking away. there went her tip.

afterwards, my friend and i were talking about it in a marc jacobs store and several of the employees overheard us and chimed in. apparently, i guess sweet lady jane is notorious for not being so sweet after all.

anyway, we had the triple berry cake at was dry and overly sweet. the susina berry blossom cake is infinitely better!

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  1. I quit going there after experiencing continued rude service. Moreover, the last time I had any contact was when I called to order a custom-made cake. I was put on hold forever, when I called back I was put on hold again.Finally, I reached someone and explained that this was my third attempt at trying to place this order. I was told that I should call at a more "convenient" time. They lost my business.

    1. The rudest person in there is Jane. The second rudest is her husband though her husband appears as if he has the potential to be friendly. The rest of the crew is very nice. Jane's not so much rude as just very aloof. She appears oblivious to her customers. It is so odd to me--no people skills and she doesn't appear to care. Doesn't stop me from going there because she has great stuff and I don't really care if she's friendly or not.

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        yes, i agree. jane and her husband are soo rude, it's unbelieveable! they really need to change the name of the shop.
        nasty jane?
        rude jane?

      2. Wow - sorry to hear about that... another attitude pie in the face of a Chowhounder... I remember reading about their service issues in previous posts... I too had a less-than pleasing experience at SLJ a few monthes back, but it was more about indifference on the part of the staff.

        I just don't get how businesses that have people walking through their doors to shell out serious cash for their products can expect them to return or to refer their businesses to others when disrespect or indifference is shelled out in copious amounts to their customers.

        IMHO, I find SLJ's products to be great as well. I've mentioned this on other posts that Jane has a deft hand at making truly standout lemon desserts, almost as if she can make a lemon recite poetry. I would hope that they'd get their service issues taken care of, as so many other good to great competitors are but a short distance away. I for one would miss SLJ but at the same time, I won't tolerate being dissed when I'm the one paying the bill...

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          Absolutely. There are just too many good dessert places to settle on a place where you are emotionally abused! With a mom who makes great baked goods, I don't have to subject myself to that nonsense. One trip to SLJ (with plenty of attitude) was enough for me.

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            See my post re surly treatment at Chantilly Patisserie.


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            1. Wow, I guess it has been a while since I popped into SLJ for the second best Lemon Merangue Tart in California, it was $6.50 last time and up from $5.00!

              I've been going to SLJ since about, oh '97 or '98 and while I have heard of and don't discount the rude service, the staff has always been friendly or at least courtious during my visits!

              The cakes, the 3-Berry Cakes in particular, have always been perfect, never dry or of a reduced quality.Tarts, cookies always good except I recall having a hard time finding cookies sans nuts for my lads. Oh well, I guess I've just been lucky in the past but should stop by for a more current experience!

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                Okay - you've teased me with Jane's being second best. Where is number one?
                It must be descended from the bakeries in Heaven! Where where where?

                I really like their cakes as well. I've never had their sandwiches but I hear they're great too. But these postings on SLJ's manners or lack there of are starting to pick up steam. If one of our posters is a true regular there, please give the owners and staff a heads-up before the walls start crumbling down.

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                  I'm sorry but it's not local, my favorite bakery in CA is Tartine Bakery which is in San Francisco and has been covered ad nauseum on the S.S. ChowHound Board. It is worth enduring the crowds to enjoy their products if you are up there!

                  I will add that my fave in S. Cal. is EuroPane in Pasadena.

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                    Folks, please keep your responses focused on the L.A. region. We've removed some posts talking about distant places, because they're not appropriate on the L.A. board. Sorry for the interruption.