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Apr 1, 2007 04:08 PM

Vito's Pizza Question: Is The Sauce Still Garlicky?

I visited the old Vito's Pizza location across from LACC a few times and always found the pizza sauce to be overwhelmed with garlic, which I didn't care for. I once asked them if they could make me a pizza with a less garlicky sauce and they told me that they couldn't because the garlic was already mixed into the sauce. Question to all of the Hounds who have visited Vito's new La Cienega location: Did you find the sauce to be heavily filled with garlic?

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  1. No it is not too garlicky....well I must qualify that , I LOVE garlic and my taste might be skewed a bit but I found the sauce to be full of basil and oregeno flavors, a FANTASTIC part of the Vito experience.

    1. I don't find it too garlicky, but then again, I didn't at the old location either.

      1. You might find it more to your liking now; I found the sauce at the new Vito's, from the slice I've had so far, somewhat, um, understated, when compared to the Vermont version as I remember it. I thought of it as an excessive concession to the demand for "refinement" in WeHo...