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Apr 1, 2007 04:04 PM

Flourless Chocolate Cake Question #2

Okay my Chowhounders, you've never let me down.

Here's the newest question.

I am moments away from making this cake:

Note that it is NOT made in a springform pan.

I am planning on doubling the recipe.

Do you think I could succesfully use an 11" SILICONE tart pan? It's about 1.5" deep

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I make this recipe (single) in a 9" cake pan, and at the end of the cooking time, it usually inflates around the edges about 3/4 of an inch above the pan edge. If you double the recipe and use a tart pan, albeit 11", you *may* have spillover. Also I have had to bake it for 35 or so minutes.

    1. Well, you got lucky, in a way. The volume of the 11-inch cake pan is almost exactly
      double to that of the 8-inch cake pan. Unfortunately, when you change cake pan sizes,
      you have do a few (oh no!) algebra calculations, related to the volume of a cylinder.
      (Specifics: volume = height of cylinder x radius squared x pi. For an 8-inch pan,
      it's 1.5 x 16 x 3.14 or 75.36 cu. in. An 11-inch pan's volume is 142 cu. in.
      So almost exactly double. For further info on changing cake pan sizes, please see


      What will differ will be the cooking time. An 11-inch cake pan has far more surface area
      exposed to heat than an 8-inch cake pan, so your cake will cook more quickly and have
      a tendency to dry out or burn. So keep a close eye on it, perhaps lower the oven temp,
      and give it a shot. I love flourless chocolate cake! Good luck and happy baking!

      1. How was the cake? I plan on trying the same recipe for Easter, however I will be using a springform pan.

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        1. re: LA1PP

          I did not love it.

          I used a good Valrohna chocolate and the guests liked it.

          But for me, it wasn't the silky experience I was hoping for.

          1. re: Jennalynn

            Darn. I hate it when that happens. Try again. See if get you can get ahold of an 8" cake pan.

            And you even used Valrhona. Sigh.

            1. re: Jennalynn

              You should try the Floyd Cardoz flourless chocolate cake from this month's Gourmet. Couldn't find the recipe online at Epi, but can pretty much paraphrase. I did post on it earlier today as well.
              Would you like the recipe?

              1. re: brownie

                You know...

                I had a piece of leftover straight out of the fridge (the cake I served that night I had let set out for 30 minutes as directed).

                Straight out of the fridge it was pretty wonderful.

                So, maybe I just like a denser cake. But I will try the Gourmet recipe.

                1. re: Jennalynn

                  The smaller pan size causes to cake to rise, even dome, and then fall back on itself a little. This is supposed to happen, and it creates that fudgy density. Lots of info on Google about this.

                  1. re: maria lorraine

                    Here's the link to Nigella's Chocolate Cloud Cake:

                    It manages to be light and dense at the same time, and utterly delicious.

                    A note: As I'm leery of Nigella's recipes that have been converted to Imperia/US measurements I used the metric version.