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Apr 1, 2007 02:59 PM

good dim sum after 3?

ok so i'm a late riser on sundays. i do feel guilty. the only cure for that horrible guilt is some yummy dim sum! where can i get it after 3 on sundays? is there any? and i do mean good... thanks...

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  1. Considering that dim sum chefs need to take a rest and don't work all day long, the answer is no. You can probably get some from take out places. But good? No.

    1. Unfortunately, there are no restaurants that serve dim sum after 1 p.m. or 2 p.m. (depending on the restaurant) which depresses me because I am a late riser sometimes, and I also work on Saturday and Sunday mornings, which makes it even more difficult for me to grab dim sum. What I can suggest is you to start a restaurant that serves ONLY dim sum 24/7. :) I myself was going to start it, but I lack the initiative, money, and the motivation to actually start it. So if you do create a chain that serves dim sum 24/7, know that you will have at least one customer visiting often. :-D

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      1. None of the seafood palaces serve dim sum at that hour, but you can order in certain (less savoury-looking but still quite tasty) places... I know you can get various dim sum at Green Village, including their wonderful XLB, or at Shau May on Garfield/Garvey (or the Valley Blvd. branch)... and I believe Dim Sum Express, on Garfield about 2 blocks south of the 10, is open until 5, but it's strictly takeout -- there's not a single solitary table.

        1. There is a deli inside the SuperCo store on San Gabriel and Valley called Yum Cha(I think) that serves passable dimsum, and they do make more when they run out. They have incredibly inexpensive meals there.

          1. Ocean Bo Dim Sum Cafe in El Monte serves dim sum after 3pm. It's not the best dim sum, but it's decent... and cheap. Most dim sum dishes only cost $1.70.

            Ocean Bo Dim Sum Cafe
            3944 N. Peck Road #1
            El Monte, CA 91732
            (626) 452-1818

            Pictures from this restaurant: