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Apr 1, 2007 01:53 PM

George's Deli and BBQ

Has anyone heard of this place and more importantly, visited and eaten there? There appear to be a couple in the downtown area (Jarvis and Dundas and another one at Bathurst).

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  1. Many of my co-workers use George's for very late night delivery to the workplace very late at night.
    Their offerings are burgers, wings, roasted chicken and a few other things.
    The roasted chicken is nice, given you can get it delivered at 3AM, but not up to Swiss Chalet standards imho.
    Need I say more?

    1. George's isn't bad at all - tasty and cheap. It's not worth a special journey, but fine if you're in the vicinity and want some chicken. He is famous for giving away free food to the disadvantaged (at least at the original location). Note that the branch opposite the Beach Cinema does not scrupulously observe the posted opening hours.