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Apr 1, 2007 01:52 PM

Outback Steakhouse- New Menu Items

I see now that Outback offers "Prime" Ribeye, "Prime" filet, and "Prime" New York strips cuts along with their regular steaks. They are charging ridiculous prices too. They range from 27-32 bucks. I like Outback but havent been there in a really long time. They are definitely one of the better casual chain restaurants for steak but $32 for a steak at outback is kinda nuts. You can go to a top steakhouse and pay $40 for a great steak. What gives them the right to charge so much? Has anyone tried any of these cuts and if so can you really tell a big difference between them and the regular cuts? Really curious about this!!!!

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  1. I'm with you...if I want a prime, and I mean USDA Prime and preferably dry-aged NY strip , I''m not going to Outback. Their Fleming's restaurants maybe, but not Outback.

    1. It seems that Outback is testing the waters to see if it can refine its brand so it can charge premium prices. I'd wager this will be followed by makeovers for some test restaurants to make them look more like a higher-end steakhouse.

      How do they define "Prime?" Is it USDA Prime, or some bogus Outback "Prime" that means nothing, so they can charge more for the same slop?

      1. What gives them the right? The fact that some suckers are willing to pay it.

        1. If your handle is an indication of your goal in life I suggest if you spend $32 in Outback for a steak, you should abdicate.

          There is ABSOLUTELY no way Jfood is spending $32 at Outback for anything short of dinner for my family when there is no other place to eat.

          That being said, for the people who do not have a choice of going elsewhere for a great steak, if they can get a high quality prime steak and enjoy it for $32 then more power to them. In the greater NY area we are fortunate to have many other choices for this price point.

          1. Has anyone had their lamb chops? I live in Chicago - is this a regional thing? Someone told me they were good. and I LOVE a good lamb chop that I don't have to make.

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              I have had the lamb chops and yes they are good for a commercial restaurant. They are not the best I have ever eaten but assuming you do not want to spend 6 hours preparing them the right way, it is a very good option.