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Apr 1, 2007 01:22 PM

Where to eat near Polk and O'Farrell?

Going to see Brandy Snifter at the Mitchell Brothers Theater, urhh I mean Brandi Carlile at the Great American Music Hall on Monday evening. I need someplace to get a quick, light meal nearby.

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  1. larkin at geary: thai house express!

      1. Thai: Chai Yo on Polk St - great pad thai and pad see ew. Vietnamese: Either Pagolac or Mangosteen, both on Larkin. Indian: Darbar on Polk St. All these choices are very inexpensive, but have great food!

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        1. re: bwillia

          Some pretty negative reports here on Mangosteen.

          Bodega Bistro is good Vietnamese.

        2. Seconds for Thai House Express and Darbar. For pho, Turtle Tower on Larkin (between Ellis and Eddy).

          1. Palestinian schwarma, hummos, etc. at Mediterranean Spirit, Polk and Bush.....up toward Bush and north of there, there are lots more options. I also second the rec for Mekong, and the other suggestions are good too. For quick, light meals, this is a great neighborhood.

            Dave MP