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Apr 1, 2007 01:16 PM

Sisters Birthday Dinner?

My little sister is turning 17 this april and wants to go somewhere "fancy" for her birthday dinner. We went to the Globe for my birthday and she says she would like something 'like that' but not the Globe. So, same kind of price range woudl be good (mid 20s for most mains).. Nothing too exotic, and shes not interested in it being mainly seafood, or asian cuisine. So basically, I need a place that has good food, not too expensive, a not too exotic but varied menu, and an impressive atmosphere that will make her feel like she's in a "fine dining" restaurant. Any ideas guys?

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  1. george on queen?

    it has the nice cache that it's part of verity and rests within their walls but it's not trendy. i found the decor at globe to be rather lacking for the reported cost and that many of the finishing details were cheap and/or badly done. george has the benefit of not trying to be so modern that their decor is a good contemporary romantic fine dining.

    i personally wasn't amazed by the gnocchi i had that was raved about when they first opened, but really enjoyed the rest of my food. we went for a friend's birthday a year or so ago and several of them got the tasting menu. only two different menus were offered and foie gras was the star of many dishes. i think we nearly all died of fatty richness as it was too much for some of my companions that they passed a couple components onto me. service was fantastic btw, and they paced the non tasting menu courses very well with the tasting menu courses so that we were all eating at the same time.

    1. George ?? Yes it is good but it is not a restaurant with main course in the mid 20s range. I spent $200 last time I visit George.

      I recommend Sequel on Yonge, food and decor are both nice.
      Their website is :
      Decor is a more on the modern side and cozy.

      The other choice is corner house. Their food is also very good, atmostphere is more on the romantic side.

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      1. re: skylineR33

        i was able to get away with a reasonable bill and be quite satisfied. wine is a whole other subject and i could see that helping your costly bill.

        1. re: pinstripeprincess

          Two of us, each order 3 dishes and one dessert (which is what the server suggest) and 2 glasses of wine which is around $15, it comes to $200. It is reasonable pricing to eat there.

      2. Go to Trevor -- nice atmosphere (though, of course, subterranean chic, nothing like the high ceilings at Globe), and brilliant food with mains in the mid-20s range. The service has been getting better, and the food is great.

        1. Bar Mercurio on Bloor at St. George. I love the look and feel of this place. And their thin crust pizzas are great. Of course pizza is not the only thing on the menu. Also, you could try Batifole on Gerrard east of Broadview, but the neighborhood might giver you sister a pause. Neither of these places are pretencious, but they have great food and the prices should be in your range. They also both have that bistro feel...if that works for you little sis.

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          1. re: dinin and dishin

            I have to say that the last time I was at Bar Mercurio, it was awful. The food was mediocre and the service was possibly the worst that I have ever experienced. We had made reservation, but still had to wait to be seated. We got jammed into a little corner and had to wait ages to get any service. The timing of the service did not get any better during our meal. About 1/2way though our meal, they removed all the tables in the back half of the room, and a party of probably 60 people stood around, drinking and eating appetizers and were VERY noisy. It really made our dining experience awful. When I spoke to the servers about this, they basically shrugged. Our salads were missing many ingredients listed in the menu....
            I would not recommend this place at all.

            1. re: mightycheesehead

              I am so sorry to hear that. So far we've had good luck there. But that sounds dreadful. I hope it was just a bad night and not indicative of a downhill slide.

              1. re: mightycheesehead

                I have to agree with your assessment of Bar Mercurio - just posted a review:


                For the OP, might I suggest Quince at Y&E? I have only been once, but I enjoyed it a lot more than my meal at Globe. The food was tastier, the service was warmer and friendlier, and the price point quite similar.

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                    Third for Quince... The food and service were MILES above what I experienced at Trevor...

            2. What about a last-go at Mildred Pierce before it closes?

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                    Mildred Pierce is closing at the end of July, re-opening a new space in the don't walk to get your last fix!!

                  2. re: Rabbit

                    Mildred Pierce would be my suggestion as well. It's such a beautiful space, in such a strange location, that your little sister will feel like she is someplace special.