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Apr 1, 2007 12:36 PM

Chatham Pub Grub?

Hey fellow Chowhounds,

Going to Chatham the last weekend in April and wanted to find a pub for tossing back a pint or two as well as fish n' chips. Additionally, will be spending the night and needing dinner suggestions that can satisfy both seafood and "meat and potatoes" type appetites. THANKS in advance!

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  1. For pub grub in Chatham, there is not better place than the Squire right in the center of town. Crowd is a nice mix of locals and visitors. The beer is cold, too.

    1. Everyone is going to suggest the Squire. For me, it's a fun place with mediocre food. I love the Isobar at the Chatham Seafood House (seasonal May-Sept.) for amazing fish tacos. Not exactly pub grub but it is Chatham style pub food. For April, alas, I think the Squire is your best pub option. Just don't go in expecting's fun and lively and really rustic.