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Apr 1, 2007 12:19 PM

Kitchen trash bins (SimpleHuman and others)

It's not exactly cookware, but it's a very important kitchen fixture. I need to buy a trash bin. My old Rubbermaid step bin lasted 5 good years. But I'm tired of cleaning it -- too many crannies.

I am actually considering spending $79 on a SimpleHuman 40 liter step-can. See

Does anyone have one? I like that it has a separate liner-bin with a bag-holding system. Does anyone know if standard 13 gallon bags work well with this can? I'm not inclined to purchase the specially-fitted SimpleHuman bags.

It comes in brushed steel or white. I'm inclined to get the white. In my house, brushed steel will have perpetual doggie nose-prints.

Anyone have a trash bin that they really like?

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  1. We have a SimpleHuman trash can - the "corner" one - and it holds up very well. We buy the kitchen bags at Costco and they fit OK, they are a bit tricky to get the bag just right at the top (my husband has gotten very good at replacing bags). I say go for it!

    1. We have three models of SimpleHuman cans, we buy their bags for one (via their web site, they are not too expensive in bulk) don't user bags in the other two cans. The wife likes them, probably because they fit in our decor, to me they are just trash cans.

      1. We have a simple human butterfly top stainless and black plastic trash can that I got at Lowe's for $99. We love it and its stood up to two cross country moves and our black lab's curiousity for about 4 years now.

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          Forgot to note that we use 13 gallon Glad kitchen trashbags and they do quite nicely.

        2. I have a small (8 gallon) Polder trash can and am very pleased with it. I purchased it before I had ever heard of SimpleHuman. I have no problem finding the 8 gal bags at my local supermarket.

          If you want to look at the SimpleHuman cans, check out your nearest Bed Bath & Beyond store. They carry a number of them.

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            I know this is an old thread but I feel obliged to post this follow up concerning my Polder trash can. About two months after I mentioned I was very pleased with my Polder, it broke and could not be fixed! I replaced it with a 25 L rectangular can from Simple Human. Based on my experience to date, the Simple Human can is much better made. However, I do prefer the shape of the Polder.

          2. I have the rectangular one for the kitchen. Fits better against the wall, and the step handle is flush with the can. Also have the two smaller round ones in my bathrooms. The bags are pretty easy to find at BBB, LNT, and The Container Store. I usually just wait for the BBB or LNT coupons that regularly show up to buy the bags.