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Apr 1, 2007 12:03 PM

Recommendations for BYOB'S near Westminster, Reisterstown, MD ?

Will be there for graduation weekend @McDaniel College. Looking for restaurant for dinner for a Friday night for 7-8 people. Atmosphere conducive to conversation. We are open to most cuisines except tired of Chinese/Thai.

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  1. BYOB isn't a common thing in Maryland like it seems to be in Pennsylvania, so I'd recommend that you just ask for restaurant recommendations without that restriction.

    1. YOu might want to try Mia Carolina or Harryman House.....they both are Reisterstown

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      1. re: MDicecreamguy

        Not in Reisterstown but if you like Greek food Samos on Eastern Ave is BYOB. They charge $1/person for the uncorking fee. They don't take reservations but they do lock the doors at 8pm so get there early!

        1. re: lrebetsky0423

          I do love Samos....but these people are looking for something in the Reisterstown area ( I would guess that they are not from the area)......Samos is NOWHERE near Reisterstown or Westminster....probably 40 minutes away!

      2. In Westminster there is JOHANSENS, MAGGIES, PARADISOS and LIBATORES
        that all fit the requirements....

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        1. re: Hue

          I think you missed the BYOB requirement.

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            Thanks. We had a delicious dinner at Paradiso's while in Westminster this weekend. Although not a BYOB, the wine list and menu were very diverse with something for everyone.

          2. all the restaurantsa have liquor licenses that we know about beefshakes or alices or mari luna (pikesville)