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Apr 1, 2007 11:45 AM

Disappointing meal at Bouillabaisse 126

My husband and I were huge fans of the old La Bouillabaisse on Atlantic Ave. Last night we tried the most recent incarnation for the first time. What a disappointment!

The food was nowhere near as good as at the old place. My husband ordered the bouillabaisse, which was a watery mess and without lobster! (The waitress informed us long after we placed our orders that there was a "substitution" in the dish - clams for lobster. She also mentioned a "price adjustment" but didn't specify how much.) The appetizers were uninspired (and what's with putting shrimp in a martini glass?).

The service was barely mediocre - it wasn't very busy (telling for a Saturday night at 8 pm) but we were mostly ignored. No "how is everything?" visit after getting the entrees, no offer to refill my long-empty wine glass, and a lack of familiarity with the menu that was almost comical.

The food (and the whole restaurant, really) seems to have much less focus than the old place. And without anyone "running the room" as on Atlantic Ave. it felt really amateurish. The wine was good, but what a sad meal!

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  1. You might want to toss it off and try again. I have no way of knowing what happened specifically at B-126, but several other Bklyn restaurants were suffering last night. Having DIB run thru Friday left quite a few places deader than usual on Sat & many chefs took off, trying to shake the DIB "hangover". I take it that Neil wasn't there?

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      i had a terrible experience last june: i never received my order, after my party of 5 did. when i finally received my order, the meat was rare & the owner rude. never went back,

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        We were at Petite Crevette a few weeks ago, and Neil was presiding there. I wondered if he's spending more time at PC than at B-126--which might explain the experience. Food at PC was very good.

      2. I was there late one night several weeks back. I had a very good meal although it was prepared by the kitchen staff with seemingly no supervision. They did a highly credible job, however. In speaking to the waitress we were told that Neil had just opened La Petite Crevette and was over there most of the time. There was no word mentioned that he had left or sold Bouilliabaise.

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          By the way, where is Petite Crevette?

          1. re: parkslopemama

            Right around the corner from B-126. It's on Hicks street, west side of the highway, between Union and President.