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Apr 1, 2007 11:29 AM

Brunch at Czehoski - annoying!

Just got back from brunch at Czehoski, and I'm underwhelmed.

The food was good - we had eggs benedict with lox and eggs benedict with brie, served on Thuet croissants with truffled olive oil hollandaise. And a BLT. I'm a big fan of traditional hollandaise so wasn't looking forward to an oo version, but it was fine. And the croissant was a nice variant.

But the service! We ordered lattes which took about five minutes to reach us; okay. But it took a full 40 minutes for our food to arrive, which is just too long at brunch. (The table beside us actually cheered when their food came out, ha ha.). And the service was bad. When we asked for more water, the server filled the glass of the requestor, but not the rest of us. When I asked for pepper, the server peppered my eggs and then left - never asking anyone else if they wanted any. All in all, we were served by three people, for some reason - one seemed personable and competent, one kinda scatter-brained, and one borderline rude (this was the pepper/water guy).

Upshot: brunch is supposed to be relaxing, not annoying. I won't go back to Czehoski.

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  1. Interesting....I've always wanted to go here and they were listed on Now's restaurant guide as best brunch, so I was considering again...but I mentioned to my husband that I have seen negative reviews posted here and when I logged in this morning this was the first post I saw lol. I think we will definitely skip this place and try another listed restaurant under Now's brunch - Bella's Bistro at Free Times Cafe...sounded excellent. Thanks! :)

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      If the east end is convenient for you try Barrio - it's great!

    2. I just visited that place yesterday for the first time - not for brunch, but for a very late lunch or late afternoon snack - whatever you wish to call it. It was quite enjoyable: good service, good food (I had fried brains with a shot of absinthe - not a large portion, appetizer-size, but for 11 bucks that plus a shot of liquor is not a bad deal, I think, especially since I really liked the taste...) The service was quite good, if a little slow. The food took a while to come, but certainly not 40 minutes. All in all, I'd come back. But maybe not for brunch now that I read the review...

      1. Ummm... I was there too... it was packed! Sometimes service slips a little when a place is that busy. Perhaps that's no excuse, but they were really packed to the gills. I think it was my table who cheered, but we were just hungry. We totally got that things sometimes don't quite work as planned when things get overwhelming. It's still a good place to go.

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          Yeah, that's nice of you, cchrish - you're more forgiving than me.

          I was on the second floor (if yours was the cheering table, it was someone's birthday, there was singing and presents) and frankly I didn't think it was that busy. I'd say 3/4 full, and that's with ultra-slow table turnover. I didn't think they were slammed - more, just inept.