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Apr 1, 2007 10:49 AM

Almond croissant taste test

Ever since I've eaten those croissant aux amandes at Bay Bread (fresh out of the oven and still warm!), I've become addicted to them. After seeing all those rave reviews of Delanghe's croissants, I decided to do a taste test to compare Bay Bread's and Delanghe's version while I was in the area a few days ago. (One of the attached photos show Delanghe's on the left and Bay Bread's on the right.)

Delanghe's croissant tasted kinda stale, and the almond paste was cold and thick. Maybe it was just my poor luck that I didn't get a fresh one (I was there at about 1PM). The raspberry almond croissants did look good though, and the mushroom meringues were divine.

Tartine's frangipane croissant is ok, but nothing spectacular and way oversized - just not worth the $3.25 for me. I think my fave is still the Bay Bread one, especially when they're warm with the almost liquidy almond filling and the crispy topping (heh :P). Oh, and they have two new flavors of macarons (passionfruit-mango and vanilla) at Bay Bread now ... both are splendid!

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  1. I'm with you...Bay Bread makes the best..
    a friend just brought me up one of their strawberry,raspberry's to bad I live 3 hours away..around here the best we have is Shatz in Ukiah which isn't to bad but not great..

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      My personal favorite almond croissant is from Boulangerie...large, and a great combination of flaky, then soft on the inside. their almond paste isn't too sweet and has a wonderful, almost custard-like consistency. highly recommended!

      1. re: sfoperalover

        Boulangerie and Bay Bread are the same business.

        There's a new kid in town .... Pâtisserie Philippe ... with one thumbs up for their almond croissant.

        Nice comparison and pictures dreamsicle.

    2. I think the best almond croissant is from Delessio's Bakery (we go to the one at Broderick Place). I have had many of the Bay Bread version and they are divine, *but* Delessio's is better (in my opinion) for a couple of reasons. The croissant is actually crisper while still being delectably flakey and buttery (but the crispy tips are treats within themselves). The best part, though, is the filling. The almond cream has a beautiful color and texture and an almost lemony hint to it, but only a hint. And the outside is lightly coated in honey (I think) and topped with the almond shavings. It's almost like baklava meets almond croissant. And it's shaped more like a cornetto (the Italian croissant) and sliced through, with the almond cream spread on like a sandwich (so there's lots of it). It's messy and gooey but pure heaven. I made my husband go get me one this morning, and I swear I made "hmm" sounds the whole time I was eating it.

      1. This is a topic near and dear to my heart - or I should say, my stomach. Here are my ratings for almond croissants in SF:

        My Favorites:
        Bay Bread - twice baked, yummy filling that oozes out just enough so I have to lick it off my fingers (embarrassing, but I can't help myself), great almond flavor, great buttery croissant, lots of almonds on top, right level of sweetness

        Citizen Cake - twice baked, chewier filling that doesn't ooze out (but still tasty), lots of almond flavor, buttery croissant, lots of almonds on top

        Tartine - twice baked, enormous - almost too big (I hate to admit that's even possible), ample flavorful crunchy almond filling, good almond coating, quite dark (Tartine does not underbake their pastries)

        Blissful Bites - twice baked, a little small (but bigger than they used to be), plenty of slightly chewy almond cream filling, topped with more almond cream and sliced almonds, fairly dark - a little too done on the edges sometimes

        DeLessio - twice baked, good croissant, tasty runny filling BUT does not taste like almonds to me - has sort of an apricot/orange flavor - or maybe honey like cafecreme said

        Might Eat Again:
        Acme - single bake, nice brown color, not very sweet, smallish amount of almond paste filling, good croissant

        Abigail's - single bake, lightly sweetened natural-looking filling (like ground whole almonds), not a huge amount of filling, a few almonds and a little powdered sugar on top, decent croissant, not very big - could eat two

        Chestnut Bakery - single bake, buttery flavor, powdered sugar and almonds on top, decent amount of almond paste filling, OK croissant

        Not Worth the Calories:
        Delanghe - single bake, light color, almond paste filling, almost glaze-like sugar topping; I know others out there are fans of Delanghe, but I don't think almond croissants are something they do well

        Grain d'Or - single bake, not very brown, soft, lots of powdered sugar, a few almonds, small amount of almond paste, not a great croissant

        Schubert's - single bake, large, pale, doughy underbaked center, mild almond paste filling, sprinkling of almonds on top, not a great croissant

        I have sampled many others that were not worth mentioning. Did I miss any good ones?

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          1. re: Lori SF

            After I posted, I was browsing through recent entries (haven't had time to peruse chowhound much lately) and just found out about Patisserie Philippe. It is on my list of places to try!

            1. re: Anya L

              I just remembered the Chef and the Butler in South park had a pretty good one, this was about three years ago when I worked over there.

              1. re: Lori SF

                They sell Bay Bread / Boulangerie croissants.

                1. re: rworange

                  no wonder I liked it.. they do make their own truffles which are excellent

          2. re: Anya L

            Great report. I hope you will report back on the new Pâtisserie Philippe

            1. re: rworange

              Finally got to try this new place. I will comment more on the other thread, but wanted to add my rating of their almond croissant here.

              My Favorites
              Patisserie Philippe - twice baked, nice browning, but softer than Bay Bread (plain croissant is not as flaky to begin with), runny almond cream filling with some apricot flavor, but more almondy than Delessio's, lots of almonds and powdered sugar on top

            2. re: Anya L

              What is the technique for twice-baked? The squarish Frangipane at La Farine in Oakland/Berkeley is excellent, uses almond paste and finely chopped almonds in the interior, thinly sliced almonds for garnish on top, nice puff pastry.

              1. re: dordogne

                Twice-baked croissants start with plain, baked croissants, which are split in half, filled with almond cream, usually topped with sliced almonds, then baked again.

              2. re: Anya L

                Just realized I missed one -

                Might Eat Again:
                Arlequin - single bake, nice browning and crunch, OK amount of lightly-colored, barely sweet almond paste filling, a few almond plus some almond paste on top, buttery flavor of croissant comes through

                1. re: Anya L

                  Just a report on La Farine's "frangipane", which I posted on the "Best Croissant in SF/Bay Area" thread ( as well.

                  The croissant is sort of shaped like a snail and is topped with thinly sliced roasted almonds. The filling is not a typical frangipane filling or almond cream, but a mix of coarsely chopped almonds, butter and sugar. I would prefer a smoother and runnier filling. The almond flavor was also a bit weak and the filling could have been a bit sweeter. The croissant, though buttery and flaky, seemed quite bready/doughy and was slightly on the heavy side. I was a bit let down by this almond croissant and probably wouldn't try it again.

                  Here are photos of the frangipane and its interior.

                  1. re: dreamsicle

                    I had to join chowhound when I realized that there are other crazy people out there how get particular about croissants and almond croissants. I have not had a real good croissant since I Paris until I visted Buenos Aires this month. To my surprise, they served me the best croissant I have eaten since living in France. I think the best "one" although technically not a croissant was the one from La Farine on Solano. As much as I love Acme Bread and Cafe Fanny, their croissants are not interesting at all. And like someone else said - real good croissants tend to be on the smaller side - and should be given the fat content. I have not had any from Tartine (I live in Berkeley and taste more around here) - perhaps the Cheeseboard has some too?

                    1. re: iameva

                      Welcome to Chowhound. Have you tried Masa's?

                      This isn't what anyone in this thread is looking for but I thought that Rive Cucina's croissants were interesting. They have them flown from italy. The croissants are frozen and baked in-house. The problem was they couldn't get the correct flour to make them, so they settled for the next best option,They are a softer croissant though than a French croissant.

                      1. re: rworange

                        Masa's? Did you mean Masse's?

                        Masse's Pastries
                        1469 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94709

                        1. re: Ruth Lafler

                          Yep thanks ... still not clear headed from the cold/flu.

                          1. re: rworange

                            My favorite are from Le Croissant in Marin. Not too runny, not just almonds, a bit oversized-but not overcooked.

                            1. re: Missmoo

                              This is probably chowhound sacrilege, but my favorite almond croissant is from Au Bon Pain (the East Coast chain). If anyone's tried it, I'd be curious if one can be found here with that same type of filling. Surprisingly, their sister chain Panera doesn't have it.

                        2. re: rworange

                          No, I have not tried Masse's yet - I have had other pastries there but not the croissant - I will give it a try. How interesting that Rive Cucina flies croissants in from Italy - surely worth a try too. Thanks.

                  2. re: Anya L

                    After stopping at Citizen Cake the other morning (hadn't been there in a while), I feel compelled to update my list. They've changed their almond croissants twice since my original post, and not for the better. Their second version was still OK, although definitely in the "might eat again" category, because the almond paste was more like marzipan - too sweet, too chewy, too much. (Those of you who think Bay Bread's is too much of a good thing would have gagged.) Unfortunately, Citizen Cake changed their almond croissant yet again, and this time it's just plain wrong. The croissant was too dry and crumbly, with just a few almonds on top, and the filling was not almondy at all. I think it was actually dulce de leche. To me, it didn't even qualify as an almond croissant anymore. (I have actually been wondering what's been going on with Citizen Cake's breakfast pastries - did the chef change? I really miss their maple-walnut cinnamon rolls.)

                    1. re: Anya L

                      Something changed. They no longer make their bread which I liked. Maybe after they move and focus on pastry, things will improve.

                  3. I went to Boulangerie this morning to treat myself to an almond croissant, which I think is the best. But when I got there their cheese danish looked stunning. I'd never had theirs and got one of those instead. Wow. Yum. Nicely baked, almost crunchy, and not too sweet, custardy filling.

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                      The cheese danish at La Boulange is pretty good - the closest I have found to what I considered the ne plus ultra of cheese danishes: Just Desserts. Sigh. I still crave those, along with their bear claws. (One of these days I'll post my bear claw list, although I need to update it now.)

                      Just Desserts
                      101 4th St, San Francisco, CA 94103

                    2. Dare I say it? While I certainly APPRECIATE the croissants at Bay Bread (who doesn't love a freshly baked croissant, warm from the oven?), somehow, they seem a bit TOO much. And I LOVE almond croissants! I never thought I'd say such a thing, but I feel like they kind of overdo it on the almond paste. Too much of a good thing, perhaps? I could actually go with less. That said, I'm not sure I can offer up another place to compete. Boudin, perhaps? Those are fresh-baked, too. It's about the best you can do in the Financial District, to be sure. I'm struggling to come up with an alternative...

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                      1. re: eric.hope

                        As I recall the almond croissants from Acme in the Ferry Building are light on the almond paste.

                        By contrast,Tartine, and especially Citizen Cake, are very heavy on the almond paste.