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Apr 1, 2007 10:18 AM

MSP and Beyond: Best chocolate/dessert related cafe

i have to do a paper and I'm doing some field research! I'm looking for any and all places that serve breakfast or some food and dessert.
So far I've thought of :
Bread and Chocolate
Muddy Paws

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  1. Also interested in stuff in Wisconsin area

    1. Cafe Latte does the dessert thing, but I think they send all the breakfast biz to Bread and Chocolate.

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      1. re: Nathan_1118

        I can't think of anywhere better re: dessert than Caffe Latte! hmmm, think I'll have dessert for dinner tonight! :)

        Problem is that I tend to think of dessert and breakfast separately...but what about Hell's Kitchen? Those lemon-ricotta pancakes could be dessert, they are so freakin' sinfully good! I suppose on would have to be a bit liberal in the definition of dessert...

      2. Sounds like a fun paper - especially if you get to visit some of the places for research!

        There are several web sites that list restaurants by category - you can do a search for "breakfast" or "dessert".
        -- but no "dessert" category here - try entering it as search keyword


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        1. I'm actually confused by the question - places that serve breakfast OR some food and dessert? Wouldn't that be pretty much any restaurant?

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          1. re: katebauer

            Ditto what Katie said. Pls clarify if you are still looking ....

            1. re: katebauer

              Yep, same question here. Based on the answer, half of wildkat91's answers may not be viable.

              What should they be serving?
              Either breakfast or some food, so long as they also serve dessert?
              If they don't serve breakfast, they should serve some food and dessert?

              Turns out that when the nuns sent us to the blackboard to diagram sentences, it wasn't just for their own amusement ....

              1. re: KTFoley

                I realized after posting that based on the title, the poster may be looking for dessert oriented cafes, but that also serve other food or drink?

                Clearly I'm still confused.

            2. Sunnyside Up Cafe - best Blue Corn Pancakes
              Al's Diner - Pancakes
              Original Pancake House
              The Egg and I
              French Meadow Bakery
              Turtle Bread Bakery