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Apr 1, 2007 09:59 AM

Super Aged Gouda - Beemster XO vs. ?? 3 Year

Trying to decide which to buy on igourmet. Have tried the XO @ $14.99/lb. before & love love loved it. Now, I see there's a triple aged - 3 years, instead of 26, for the same price - no maker name, though. Has anyone tried this to compare or do I need to torture myself (ha!) with an expensive cheese taste-off? I love the carmelly crystally flavor & crunchiness of this cheese!

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  1. I find them very similar. I think the super aged gouda I've tried was aged 4 years, not three, so it might be slightly different. I think the gouda is a big stronger/sharper, and more crumbly.

    I'd definitely vote for the taste off, since no description here will give you the experience of having eaten it.

    If I had to choose between the two, though, I'd probably go with Beemster for the simple fact that I could eat more of it at one sitting.

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        Let us know what the results of the taste test are! I recently tried the Beemster XO and loved it! I'm sure that you can justify buying both cheeses so that you only have to pay once price for shipping!

        1. re: mightycheesehead

          mightycheesehead makes a good point about the shipping.

          FWIW, I can get Beemster at my local grocery store. Looking at your posts, it looks like you're in the LA area? I'd be shocked if you can't find it locally and thus save on shipping. But that doesn't really answer the question, does it.

          1. re: mudster

            Feel free to go off on a tangent... I'm in Newport & unless I'm blind... haven't seen it at our local fromageries. Did get one from Frog's Breath & it was pretty weak.

    1. UPDATE - I ordered both & took to several parties for tastings. The 3 year old was definitely better - more 'shardy,' somewhat more crystally, richer flavor - by far the favorite. However, neither was as crystally as I recalled from my first Beemster. May be true what they (don't) say about the first time... Has anyone noticed a change, or was this just a memory lapse (entirely possible).

      Postscript - at Party #3 (I got a lot of it!), while we were all digging into the most fabulous carrot cake ever baked, if I do say so myself, I started clearing plates, went into the kitchen & there was my beagle on the bench looking rather sheepish. The Beemster was gone. Luckily for her, it wasn't the 3 year :)