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Apr 1, 2007 09:52 AM

Eliots Bistro-Milwaukee, Wi

Has anyone been to this Bistro in Millwaukee, Wi? We walked by last night and grabed a menue. Looks good, classic French fare.

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  1. Hi. Yes, we've been there three times. Everything we've had there, from red pepper farci, steak and frites, to the burger has been good. Even just a bowl of cream of mushroom soup was excellent. On a weekday night, you might get an odd substitution, for example, my cassoulet had an excellent confit, but kidney beans and not assembled in a traditional way. But it was Tuesday night at 9 p.m. (which is late for Milw. restos). I recommend it highly.

    1. I've been there twice while visiting friends in Milwaukee. They have a good martini list. Foodwise, I've only been there for happy hour on the weekend, so we've just nibbled on a "hamburger au poivre" (or something like that, please forgive my lack of French language skills). It was a perfect bar hamburger w/ French flair--tasty sauce, french bread, and crisp fries.

      Having never been there for dinner, I can't speak for the dining experience. However if you are looking for a good, relatively quiet bar to relax with friends and have a fabulous martini, I'd definitely recommend it!

      (Several of the bartenders have their own speciality martini that is not advertised on the menu. I fell in love with a Pink Lemonade martini on our first visit that was "Joe's" speciality. We went back last weekend and found out Joe has moved to CA and taken his top secret martini recipe with him.)

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        I've never been for dinner, but have always enjoyed their brunch. Smoked salmon eggs benedict, yum. The Brioche Surprise is also tasty. Great Bloody Mary menu.