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Apr 1, 2007 09:50 AM

paella in park slope?

My roommate has been craving it for a week, and I'd like to make him shut up about it -- er, I mean, help him out. Any recommendations?

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  1. Blue Ribbon has two different types of Paella -- one of which is very expensive and meant for sharing.

    1. this may or may not help that roommate of yours . . .
      a couple years ago I had paella that was a special at Coco Roco and it was fantastic - it was the best thing at our table of a large group . . . worth keeping an eye out for if you don't want the expensive kind . . .

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        Actually, the paella is now a fixture on their menu, and at about $12.95, it's a bargain. Plenty of seafood and chorizo - but no chicken.