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Apr 1, 2007 09:14 AM

FL Hounds Headed to Napa

Greetings to all you left coasters, we are headed out to visit Napa in July and would like to request your assistance with restaurant recommendations. Are plan is to be in Napa and the surrounding area July 2 – 6. We would like any info you can share on lunch and dinner places that – while different from the main-stream – are not overly-pricey. And for heavens sake, no chains! I have heard murmurings of great roadside eats and al fresco dining, so I know they are out there. Hit us with your best info, inside tips and anything else Napa Valley related!

Thanks and Happy Chowing!

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  1. Hi mwisdom

    You'll get more responses if you ask more specific questions. It will help if you can define what you mean by "different from the mainstream" - do you want different from mainstream American? Different from mainstream upscale Californian? Restaurants that aren't listed in every tour book? (For what it's worth, I've actually had good experiences at several restaurants popular with tourists, including Bouchon, Tra Vigne, and Bistro Don Giovanni).

    Also, it will be helpful if you can define "not-overly pricey".

    Finally, I probably wouldn't look for al fresco dining in July (although, coming from FL, you probably have a better tolerance for heat than I do). I'd look for places with air conditioning, at least during the day. Bring a lot of water, too. And a cooler, if you're planning on buying wine. Anyway, the roadside place you've probably heard of is Taylor's Refresher.

    Here are some threads to get you started.

    The search feature isn't working as well as it could, but it's still worth it to search on Napa - yours is a very popular question, and there are many recent threads on the same topic. If you find the search feature too frustrating to use, it's worth it to just scroll down the posts for the last few days.

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    1. re: daveena

      Indeed, some context is helpful. I think all the places mentioned in the links would be good but price range and preferences do come into play. I'd also add in Ad Hoc, $45 per/person prix fix menu - overall very good reviews.