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Apr 1, 2007 09:10 AM

Corn Tortillas In Brooklyn

I am wondering if any one cans uggest a place to buy real corn tortillas in Brooklyn. Just got back from Mexico and been cooking Mexican breakfast at home and I want good corn tortillas

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  1. What part of Brooklyn are you talking about?

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    1. re: Ida Red

      I live in Park Slope but it does't really matter, I am guessing somewhere inSunset Park but not sure

      1. re: parkerbk

        im not too sure but the other day i passed a small tortilla-making place/factory on third ave somewhere near the Costco over there. it looked like exactly what youre loooking for.

        1. re: ben61820

          cool! do you know aroubd what street that is?

          1. re: parkerbk

            well, we were taking 3rd ave to get to 278. we took it all the way to where you actually get on 278 on this upramp...i know im not helping too much. keep in mind i dont know the area too well. i would say that is was anywhere b/n 20th and, like, 59th Streets. sorry. right on 3rd ave tho so if you just drive it and look on the RIGHT side as youre going UP in numbered streets.

    2. i found the place that makes them right at the spot in brooklyn. 42nd street and 3rd ave. right onthe corner, cant miss it. it says on the outside "torillera panderilla"