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Apr 1, 2007 09:10 AM

Northern Long Beach Island -- off season (?!)

We're spending this week in Barnegat Light, and trying to strategize our restaurant eats -- especially since some are only open on the weekends.

For lunch today, we're going to Mustache Bill's, but after that, we're not sure. The View is open tonight only, but I don't see any reviews, so don't know if that's where our only-open-on-Sunday restaurant energy should go.

We're traveling with two picky kids, so nothing too fancy. Beyond that, just looking for tasty food that's worth the effort of getting out of the kitchen, and, more to the point, something we don't necessarily get at home (e.g. fresh-caught seafood).

I'll keep snooping around the board, but if someone wants to tell us where to eat tonight -- particularly a restaurant that won't be open the rest of the week -- we're all ears.


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  1. i think the greenhouse cafe is open year-round.not sure though. it's a great vegetarian place, but fresh seafood.

    1. You know what is really great...Plantation in Harvey Cedars. Not the fresh fish place you are looking for, but WOW...what a menu!!

      Look into it. You cannot get near the place in summer.

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        I've always liked the Octopuss' Garden in Surf City. Used to be open all year and doesn't advertise that location much but they have very good seafood.

        1. re: Angelina

          Would you take picky kids to Plantation? (I've heard good things, but it seems maybe fancier than we're dressed for.)

          1. re: asm_ny

            oops...don't take the kids to Plantation. Only go with your spouse or a friend. As the food is superb, I serouslt don't think kids would enjoy it.

            Sorry I could not be of help. :( Just look at this menu!!! ummmm


        2. I would recommend both The Plantation and Kubels. The Plantation has a kid's menu, yet it also has extensive choices for adults, including yummy apps. Kubels very shorish, mix of seafood, burgers, sandwiches for lunch, as well as full entrees for dinner