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Apr 1, 2007 08:51 AM

One Vancouver dinner in June

I started asking about this a couple of months ago, and now have more information about my trip that affects my choices.

My family will be staying at the Times Square Suites on Robson, and I am hoping to find a place more or less within walking distance (a mile or so; a couple of the group are in their 70s). There will be eight of us, including one very well behaved five year old. At least one person in the group does not eat pork or shell fish. I, on the other hand, am really looking forward to fresh shellfish. There is at least one oenophile in the group. A nice setting and will be appreciated, but obviously food is the main point.

So the search for a fairly casual (but not too noisy) place with a varied menu and a decent wine list seems to bring the focus to these four: Cardero's, The Fish House in Stanley Park, The Kettle of Fish, and the Parkside.

Please weigh in, good or bad. If there any other places in the area that really should be considered, please let me know. Should I add The Sequoia to the choices? Is Stanley Park walkable?

Again, thanks for all previous and future contributions.

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  1. Well, Kettle of Fish is nowhere near Times Square Suites. The others are all pretty close, though. Sequoia is a bit further than the Fish House, but it's a beautiful walk along the seawall.

    1. Strictly on food, I would go to Parkside. Kettle of Fish, Cardero's are not in the same category. Fish House I can't say because I've never been.

      1. i stayed at the Times Square Suites during my visit too...

        As i've only been to Vancouver once (i loved it though), i can't offer too many helpful hints...i dined at Hapa Izakaya, which is very close to you and good but doesn't fit your criteria...and at Le Crocodile, which was good but slightly underwhelming...sorry i can't be of more assistance, but please report back on where you go because i will be returning to Vancouver and want to try some of the places you mentioned...

        Stanley Park is right there and very walkable...

        re: shellfish, i had some yummy giant fried oysters at a lil place in the market in Granville Island...and re: wine, the 360 bar had some nice choices by the glass...

        1. I would definately recommend the Fish House, Parkside or Sequoia above Carderos and Kettle of Fish.
          The view from the Sequoia is fabulous and the service impeccable. The Fish House is consistently good (and they have a early diner's special most night if you look at their website).
          Not sure how suitable the Parkside would be for a 5 year old.

          1. I agree with Jayes... based on food, Parkside wins hands-down. I think a well-behaved 5 year old would be okay at that venue, and I'm sure they would go out of their way to make the youngster comfortable. Fish House is a beautiful venue with a fantastic menu - if you love seafood. As a non-seafood eater, however, I didn't get a lot of love from the menu.

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              parkside!!! since there is a group - you might all fit in the little round room at the back - it's quite private so you wouldn't have to worry about the 5 yr old quite as much.

              1. re: pants

                That little room might be able to accommodate a group (don't know if it will accommodate 8 though).

                They have a select menu (4-5 choices each for appetizers, pastas, mains, desserts) but it has always been a well-thought out menu (everything is well-represented). The menu changes quite a bit, so you might want to check closer to the date.

                But hands-down, Parkside wins on food. Chef Durbach is doing wonderful things: his dishes are all good and never contrived.

                Service is also exceptional, not obsequious, not pretentious. Everything is just classy.