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Apr 1, 2007 08:27 AM

Good Vegetarian in Houston?

I will be in Houston for a while and was wondering if anyone could reccommend any good vegetarian restaurants?


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  1. I don't have a strictly veg recommendation but Dimassi's mediterranean buffet has awesome food and the vegetarian selection is very good; in fact of the majority of the menu is vegetable. There's a location on Richmond Ave.

    1. There are a number of good vegetarian restaurants in Houston. You might try these. Unfortunately a number of these restaurants also offer non-vegetarian options. The first three restaurants listed were once completely vegetarian but added other items to stay in business.

      1. A Moveable Feast - 9341 Katy Freeway. Has been a Houston staple for at least 15 or 20 years. Have a great Macrobiotic plate plus great tex-mex and veggie burger. They do offer non-vegetarian items also.
      2. Field of Greens - 2320 W. Alabama. This is an excellent low key restaurant. It's about 90% vegetarian.
      3. The Hobbit Cafe - 2243 Richmond. This restaurant has been around since the 70's when it was the Hobbit Hole Restaurant/Natural Foods store. They have a nice deck and good veggie options. Also, not complete vegetarian.
      4. Madras Pavilion - 3910 Kirby. Wonderful Indian dishes. Completely vegetarian.

      Here are a few more options. I haven't tried these restaurants but they consistenly get good reviews.

      1. Pepper Tree - 3821 Richmond. Buffet style - more chinese/asian influence. Completely vegetarian.
      2. Anand Bhavan - 6662 Southwest Freeway. Vegetarian Indian Cuisine.
      3. Bombay Sweets - 5827 Hillcroft. Vegetarian Indian Cuisine.
      4. Shri Bhalaji Bhavan Pure Vegetarian Restaurant - 5655 Hillcroft. South Indian dishes. Completely vegetarian.
      5. Hometown Vegetarian Restaurant - 9888 Bellaire Blvd. Asian influence. Do serve 'american' items too.

      Hope this helps out. Happy dining.

      1. Mary's Lebanese for the best baba gonoush in Houston, great falafel, hummus and fried cauliflower

        Bombay sweets on Hilcroft for cheap but very good buffett.

        1. Try Baba Yega in the Montrose area. It's not strictly Vegetarian but they have a good selection.
          Here's a link:

          1. I like some spice in my vegetarian food and not so much grease. Sadly, most all-veg places that aren't Indian or Thai seem pretty bland to me and most seem to rely heavily on cheese or cheese-like stuff to compensate. (I'm thinking of the Hobbit, particularly, where I had some kind of steamed veggies plate with wheat pita or something and it came with half-a-cow of flavorless melted ick on it that wasn't mentioned in the description when I ordered. Yuck. The only remedy was some Braggs, and that really didn't improve matters.)
            I've lived through Houston trips by getting a place to stay with a kitchenette, and that helps very much. Some chinese places in Houston (can't recall the names of the ones near the Galleria) are willing to do a dish to your specs and even use jalepenos where reasonable. If you end up going to Lupe's Tortillas for some reason, I can report that the salad-filled taco thing is okay.
            I'd love to hear of any possiblilities in the Galleria area, since I'll be there again shortly!

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              As far as closeto the Galleria, all of the ones listed above in Lily Dale's post on Richmond, W. Alabama, Kirby, SW Fwy (59S) and Hillcroft are no further from the Galleria than the nearest Lupe Tortilla. Dimassi's is on Richmond @ S. Post Oak, just a half mile south of the Galleria. Also, see the thread on Fadi's for a link to their website; there's one on W. Loop 610 S @ Beechnut. Neither is known for spicy food, however.

              In that area around the intersection of Hillcroft and the SW Fwy there is a concentration of Indo-Pakistani and Middle Eastern restaurants among which is Himalaya, an excellent Pakistani place with spicy food. Pakistani cuisine includes a liberal use of ghee but you can ask for a less oily version and I'm sure the spiciness will not disappoint. The naan is awesome.


              btw I am not vegetarian, just trying to help. I've never understood how Hobbit Hole has lasted so long.

              1. re: oltheimmer

                Bless you! My grasp of where things are in Houston is all confused by the proliferation of repeating big box stores. I'm a landmark person, not a streetname person, and my companion jokes that every big intersection looks the same to me, and they do! I keep thinking that we're close to where we are staying for the night, and my friend often tells me that we are still 30 minutes away! So, thanks for the distance details.

                From friends that grew up in Houston, seems that the Hobbit is more of a nostalgia trip about meeting other folks that don't fit in to the traditional Texas world. Veggies, hippies, SCA, gamers, liberals, not-so-heteros, and so on were able to meet there and not feel like they'd be beaten up. So, the food is really secondary. However, after my meal there, I'd say the food is tertiary at best, now.

                1. re: Bananna A.

                  My two cents about the Hobbit Cafe (Hobbit Hole) is that it's the incredible sandwiches that have enticed many to continue coming. I know of no other place in Houston that offers such different options of vegetarian sandwiches and in such a large size. They make their own whole wheat/honey bread (which you can buy if you ask) and their 'regular' sandwich is enough for two or possibly three people. Huge. I normall order a 'slim' which is still too big for me. Of course, the sandwiches are all named after various Hobbit characters. The Gandalf is one of my favorites.

                  I do have to agree about the blandness of their veggie/brown rice/tofu dish. I, too, have to add Bragg's and maybe a little Spike. I've never added cheese though. Also, their veggie burger is acceptable but not the best. They also have veggie enchiladas which are fairly good. You can ask them to make it spicy. Oh yes, they offer nice herbal tea too - every day.

                  Yes, the Hobbit Cafe is nostalgic for most. It is for me. I told my husband I would rather be in 'hippieville' (my term for the Hobbit) than in some other restaurant. The waitstaff is friendly. In Houston we do not have too many restaurants like this. In Austin they are in abundance but here, sadly, no. Houston is not known for moving at a slow pace so it's nice to stop for a while and enjoy.

                  1. re: Bananna A.

                    I really love this Chinese vegetarian restaurant in the Galleria area. It's in this big shopping center at Hillcroft and Westheimer, and is next to a Ross, Anna's Linens, and has a 99 Cent Only store at one side. There is a Vitamin World near the corner as well - anyhow I digress!!!
                    The name of the restaurant is Ten Ren Vegetarian and they have the best vegetarin and even vegan food I've had in Houston. My boyfriend is a total meat eater and even he loved it!!! The staff are all vegans and the food is so beautiful and lovely. The place just makes me feel tranquil and relaxed, and totally doesn't feel like you are sitting in some strip-mall in Houston:)))

                    1. re: daguttgrl79

                      Unfortunately, Tien Ren closed in January. It was one of my favorite vegetarian restaruants and used to go to it when it was the Happy Vegetarian many years ago. We are on the look out for them to reopen.

                      1. re: Lily Dale

                        Oh man, I can't believe it closed! I had to drive past it yesterday to see for myself and I nearly cried. That was one of the best places for good vegetarian and vegan food. Well luckily there are all those good places not far on Hillcroft but I am still sad about Tien Ren. I'll be keeping my eyes and ears open in the meantime...

                      2. re: daguttgrl79

                        Oh, no! I was just going to post a note about Tien Ren, or Happy as I continued to call it. Now I'll have to look for an alternative on Westheimer near Hillcroft when I visit friends in a few weeks. I never like tofu until I went there.

                        1. re: RWard

                          I'm a year too late for this post, but I just went to Houston and enjoyed my meal at the Udipi Cafe very much. It's Southern Indian. Packed Saturday 9PM. We were the only non-Indians, which says something. Also Hugo's on Westheimer offered a delightfully varied vegetable platter, though it is not vegan.

                          1. re: RWard

                            if you liked tien ren, there's a great vegetarian restaurant in chinatown called pine forest in the front of section of the welcome shopping center on bellaire @ ranchester. there is a buffet at lunch that i've been to 3 times now. buffet items change daily. haven't been for lunch yet.