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Apr 1, 2007 07:36 AM

Corona Pork Store??

En route to Leo's for a mama's special (so good), I noticed Corona Pork Store appeared to be open. Tempted to check it out (i've never been), I decided against--I'm a loyalist to a fault. Mama's special was so good--we ate our sandwiches in the backyard of the bakery, with the sun beaming on our faces--beautiful.
But I must admit I am intrigued by Corona Pork Store--I recall reading on this site people bemoaning the loss of this what's the deal? what's good there? I wouldn't feel like I was cheating on Leo's if they had different sandwiches like sausage and peppers...meatball...

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  1. Corona Pork Store was known for its Chicken & Veal Parm sandwiches. You mentioned the store is again occupied but is it Corona Pork Store or someone else.

    1. I haven't been to Leo's in a while, but do remember that there were two stores on the way that I always confused. One was Corona Pork Store, the other was Corona Heights Pork Store. Are either one of them still there? I also bemoan the fact that since Leo's started closing on Monday, they no longer have a sausage and pepper special, but I thought they still did meatballs on, I think, Wednesdays.

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        They still have meatballs, but only mid-week, which doesn't help me much, being that I work in LI and never make it back on time.
        I'm not sure who was running the Pork store, or which one it was. I was driving down 108 street on the way to Leo's, and noticed out of the corner of my eye that the store had its doors open...I'll make a trek eventually...

        1. re: abu applesauce

          This must be an April Fools joke...Not cool! Mary and Frank have been gone for a long time now. Leo's aka Mama couldnt hold a candle to Mary's heros, mozzarell, or anything else for that matter. The lady was a saint was in Zagat and was an institution. She is sorely missed. I put a up a thread asking where she is? I thought Jim might know or some of the other chowhounds. Mary is the female version of Dom from DiFara....Once in a lifetime. Two saints!

          1. re: fcara

            I don't think it's an April fool's joke, just mistaken identity. Corona Pork Store is still there (with the door open) on 108th St. It is not Corona Heights Pork Store which remains closed. Mama's is still as good as ever.

            1. re: Salsiccia Creature

              I have not been there in a while, since I no longer work in Queens, but do they still make the fresh turkey? That was some sandwich. Wow, that was great. Further, does anyone know if Mama's is opened on either Saturday or Sunday?

              1. re: BYOB

                Open Saturday, closed Sunday.

                1. re: Lindy74

                  They're open a few hours in the morning on Sunday
                  and their fresh turkey is as good as ever