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Apr 1, 2007 07:31 AM

cafe barada (porter)?

hi all - what's the seating like at cafe barada? is it a plastic-chairs type of place like reef cafe, or is it a little more sit-down? would a party of 5 or 6 feel cramped?


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  1. The seating is ample. More of a formal restaurant than the Reef. However, I was let down by the food. It was recommended by a Lebanese friend but I found the food boring and not well executed. I really wanted it to be good as the owner is very humble and well manered and it looks like mom is there in the kitchen but it just was not as good as it could be. My daughter hit it right on when she said we could have done much better (and for much less) a few streets up the road (mass ave) at the Greek Corner. I might give it a second try, but we'll see.

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      I'm afraid I agree on the food (but have not been recently). It is reasonably large and comfortable but the last time I was there (a Friday evening? couple years ago maybe?) it was packed, with people waiting. If I get dragged there again I'll go for one of the stew-type dishes or a daily special.

    2. My recent experience at Barada have been stellar. I love it! The homey feel is nice (though a little too bright for my liking), and I now have some favorite dishes. I literally DREAM about the Fatoosh salad -- so tasty and tart, and I think their falafal is wonderful. Their kibbee dishes also tend to be very tasty. Give it a try!