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Apr 1, 2007 07:16 AM

Best beer distributors in the Philly area?

I'm looking for a new place to buy beer. I usually go to Brewer's Outlet in Mt. Airy, but they seem to be steadily raising their prices over the last 6-12 months. Does anyone know a place that keeps their stock fresh (nothing like buying a $30 case of beer and finding out that it's 9 months old) and has reasonable prices? I'm willing to travel out of northwest Philly to find a store that I can trust. I need a place that has a good selection of microbrews, with enough turnover to keep them fresh. Thanks!

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  1. The Beer Yard in Wayne has the best selection of microbrews in the Delaware Valley, by far. It's a beer geek's heaven. Huge selection, knowledgeable staff and reasonable prices. And also, depending on the beer, a 9 month old case should be fine, maybe even better. A strong ale will only get better with age. A lager, not so much!

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      Seriously........Phily area beer geeks need to back me up on this one......there's the Beer Yard, and then there's everywhere else. Nobody comes close.

    2. Try Whitemarsh Beverage on Germantown Pike or Flourtown Beverage on Behtlehem Pike. Both fairly close to Mt Airy.

      1. the best,by far and possibly the best in the east in emmaus,pa. near is called shangies(that is how it is pronounced-spelling i'm sure is different).i've never seen a beer selection to top this place. people come from neighboring states for the selection.

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          While Shangy's does have an amazing selection, they won't think twice about sending you home with beer that's way out of date and then refuse to take it back. I for one will NEVER patronize them again.

        2. The Foodery at 10th and Locust is a small distributor with a nice selection of macro and micro brews. They offer the option of mixing your own six packs - great idea if you want to sample brews that are new to you.

          1. Try Bells Beer Distributor- On Front Street just south of Oregon Ave. in South Philly.
            They close early, like 5 or 6pm, but they have a great selection, fair prices and they seem to move their stock, so nothing sits around for too long.