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Apr 1, 2007 07:03 AM

Favorite Chelsea Market Spots

Hi Fellow Foodies: What are your top pics in the Chelsea Marketplace? Just would like to open the floor to the NYC 'Hounders and begin an info. exchange. I really like 202, Green Table, Amy's Bread, and Sarabeth's. There's also a great gelato stand (inside a housewares store) but I forget the name. Also, the Lobster Place and fresh fruit and veggies market seem great. What are your opinions and are there other venues/pics that I'm missing? Also, are there eateries on the upper levels or just private and commercial spaces? Please advise. Look forward to hearing from everybody. Thanks in advance!

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  1. You're missing Ruthy's for cheesecake (I'm not a fan of their other baked goods), Buon Italia for fresh pasta, salumi, cheese, olive oils and lots of other Italian specialties. Great browsing. I think that the T Salon has opened (at the 10th Ave end?) but haven't been there yet so pls report back if you go.

    What do you recommend at 202?

    1. I love Buon Italia. They have all the great Italian imports that are sometimes hard to find elsewhere! Amy's bread is great too!

      1. Hale & Hearty Soups and Fat Witch brownies.

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          my stops are amy's , hale and hearty, fat witch, and lobster place, outstanding soups there.

        2. I like Ronnybrook Farms Dairy for the ice cream, as well as Amy's and the Lobster Place. The Green Table is good, certainly. Haven't ever been to 202, or to Buddakan, but there are throngs.....

          Frank's meat shop is limited, I think...haven't tried the restaurant.

          1. L'Arte del Gelato is great.